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   Chapter 178 The Whole Thing Was Dubious

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"Of course, Master Mu."

Sarah thought Charles would help, at least for the sake of her family.

However, the Young Master paid no attention. He took Linda's hand and said, "Let's go and check your wedding dress. Is there anyone you want to take with us? As for Sarah, let Bun take care of her."

Linda smiled, "Well, I've found my favorite dress. What about that?"

She pointed to a shining wedding dress in the showcase.

"This one is fine. Try it."

The dress was really beautiful. Charles thought his wife would make it even more gorgeous.

Linda wore it in the fitting room.

"You're really amazing, honey."

Lind could sense his excitement.

She was happy too.

"Really? I'm so happy to hear that."

She blushed. She lowered her head, and her face turned red.

Meanwhile, Sarah's situation was getting ridiculous.

Her screams filled the air. But the shop assistants didn't interfere. Had Linda done this alone, they would have stopped her.

But Charles was there and he seemed cool with it. So why should they intervene? Furthermore, they themselves were displeased with Sarah, who was rude and overbearing to them also.

In comparison, Linda was kinder. She had won their support.

It is also clear to everyone that Sara

or some days ago and learned that people may not tell all their secrets even if they were hypnotized.

There was only a 20% chance of people revealing a secret. It did not look possible that Bun leaked the details of the army deployment when the enemy hypnotized her just once.

First, she was just a little girl at that time who might not remember the details of the army deployment. Second, if she was really kidnapped, how could she come back easily?

Was the enemy so merciful?

The whole thing appeared dubious.

Charles was in a different mood. He held her waist and pinched it, "Honey, you're so clever. You must have been a detective!"

Linda was not impressed, "Stop that. I'm talking about something important!"

"Well, I know the case was dubious, so does my father. That's why he requested my grandfather to save Bun."

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