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   Chapter 177 The Angry Bun

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Sarah thought she was polite enough this time as she didn't curse anybody.

She could consider Bun just as a maid. There was nothing wrong in what she said.

"Get out." Linda said coldly.

"Linda Xia, how can you be so outrageous? Both of us came here to pick wedding dresses. Why should I go?" Sarah was exasperated.

"Well, I'm a bully. So what?" Linda asked.

"Linda, I didn't mean to offend you. I spoke truthfully to your maid about my marriage. Why are you so angry?"

Sarah stressed the word "maid" mockingly. Linda became so angry that she even thought of beating her up.

Linda took a deep breath. She now felt calm. She said with a mysterious smile: "Sarah Shen, I guess we can cut your thick skin and make it a body armor. Even bullets cannot pierce that."

Sarah ignored Linda and said to manager Li, squeezing her fists slightly, "OK, since my lady is not to be trifled with, I'd better stop this fight and have a look at the wedding dress that I ordered."

"Well, lady Shen, come with me. Your wedding dress has already been prepared."

Fearing t


Sarah got extremely angry, "Linda Xia, what the hell do you want? After all, I'm the mistress of the Shen clan and this is a public place."

"So what?" "Even your grandmother has no right to bully Bun."

Bun tried to unleash a punch. When her fist almost hit Sarah's face, a familiar voice distracted her: "What are you doing here?"

It was Charles.

Charles could not figure out what was going on.

Sarah thought Charles was her savior. She screamed, "Help me, Master Mu!"

"As you see now, we are about to clobber her." Linda kept her cool.

"Master Mu, you can't just allow this. Brian is your good friend. If I'm hurt, he won't be happy!"

"Is that so?" Charles asked without any emotion.

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