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   Chapter 176 Insulting Bun

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"What kind of styles do you like, My Lady? I can offer you some recommendations."

"Please show me."

Mr. Li showed her around with a smile on his face.

"My Lady, would you like to try on this strapless dress by our head designer? The strapless kind is the most popular style now."

Mr. Li paused a while and continued, "This one fits a bride with a good figure."

Bun couldn't help laughing and whispered in Linda's ear, "My Lady, he really has a way with words!"

"Good. I'll try the strapless one, then."

"It has a name. It is designed by our head designer, so it's the only kind in the world. We weren't planning on selling it, but Young Master Mu has some connections with our designer Ben."

"Which one? Can I have a look?"

Mr. Li guided Linda to a display case. Awestruck by the marvelous dress, Linda was unable to divert her eyes away from it.

She was about to try it on, but she suddenly didn't feel well. "Excuse me, where's the bathroom? I'd like to go to the bathroom first. Let me try it on later."

"No problem. You can go straight ahead and turn left."

Bun didn't come with her. She gazed at the dresses that all looked so beautiful.

Every girl had the urge to put on a dress when they saw one. But Bun was aware that she may never get the chance while she was alive. She didn't think it was worth it.

"Are you Bonny Lu? You wanna try it on?"

"I can try it?"

"Yes, if you like. Young Master Mu said so."

Bun was warmed by the Young Master's

ike having your heart clogged up by a huge stone? Brian Ho is a splendid man. It makes sense that you can't have him. It's ridiculous that you, the daughter of a traitor, dreams of being with such a perfect men. Paul, the Young Master Mu's man isn't bad. He's a servant, too. You both make a good match. Why don't you consider that?"

Linda was exiting the bathroom when she heard Sarah's words. Scowling at her, she said, "You're in a good mood today, Sarah. Are you trying to get beaten up again?"

"Well, isn't this the Lady Mu? Come to try on the dress? Congratulations!"

Sarah didn't dare to speak up now that Linda was present. She had a lot of grudges against her, but Linda was Lady Mu. She couldn't risk stirring trouble in front of her.

Sarah insulted Bun because she found Bun to be so inferior, that she wasn't worthy to go to a public place such as wedding dress shop.

Sarah was present with two bodyguards. She was certain that Bun couldn't beat her up in front of them.

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