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   Chapter 175 Wedding Dress Fitting

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Johnson Xia was moved. Blessed with such a daughter, he thought that nothing in the past mattered. The most important thing was to cherish the days to come.

"I know."

"Oh! My friend's father likes fishing. You can go with him when you're free. You know, to get some fresh mountain air. Fishing is good for your health. The air in the city is so filthy. Go outdoors as much as you can. It's better than staying at home.

Johnson nodded as he ate.

Linda was his good daughter. On the other hand, Lisa was a pampered princess. He blamed himself for spoiling her.

Lisa never asked about his health, but always asked for things.

There was a world of difference between Linda and Lisa.

"Oh, have you heard from Lisa?"

Johnson didn't want to ask, but he was worried about Lisa for some reason. Though it turned out that Lisa wasn't his daughter, he still held some affection for her. They had lived together for over ten years.

Linda shook her head, her eyebrows knotted in worry, "No. I don't know why, but she seems to have vanished into thin air. Young Master Mu and I have been looking for her for a long time. It seems that she was hidden away by someone on purpose."

Linda startled at her revelation. Had she really been hidden? Why hadn't she realized that until now?

But who took her away and why?

Linda felt disturbed at the thought.

"It's weird that Lisa has been gone for a couple of months. I doted on her when she was at home. She could've gone through many hardships while wandering outside." Johnson thought to himself.

Depressed, Johnson sh

ique. Young Master Mu really loves you a lot."

Bun looked at Linda in envy.

She imagined putting on a wedding dress. But it was just a fantasy, and would probably never come true.

Being labeled as the daughter of a traitor weighed heavily on her.

The label proved to be an overwhelming obstacle for her and Brian. A marriage or relationship without the blessing of the family never ended well.

Bun was filled with sadness at the thought. She sniffled.

The wedding dress store was near the school, it was only half an hour away by car.

Linda was greeted with a warm welcome as soon as she arrived.

"Lady Xia, welcome to Ziet. We have arranged for you several dresses by famous designers. Please take a look."

Linda nodded and beamed. "Okay! Thank you."

"Good afternoon, Lady Xia. I'm the manager of Ziet. It's a pleasure to serve you." Mr. Li said, wearing a professional smile.

"Thank you, Mr. Li."

Linda followed Mr. Li to the shop, where a myraid of beautiful dresses were on display, shining brightly under the lights.

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