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   Chapter 174 The Furtive Servant

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With weary eyes, Lord Xia sighed. "Linda, do you think I've done something unforgiveable in a past life? This will explain why I'm now being punished this way. I once loved May Shen, and I believe she also loved me at the time. How could things turn out this way today?"

Putting down her chopsticks, Linda went up to Johnson Xia to comfort him. "Father, do not think this way. A lot of things in this world will cause suffering. All we can do is accept them."

Bun was standing close by. She said gently, "Lord Xia, there's no need to worry. May Shen is in prison now. Although she has seized and transferred the properties of the Xia Clan, we'll manage to make her hand over the property she still has hidden sooner or later."

Only now did Johnson nod his head. He asked, "Linda, didn't you ask me to give May a phone in prison? Did she use the phone to contact anyone after that?"

Linda nodded and said, "Yes, she contacted someone. But she didn't get through."

"May called me once, saying that she missed me and wanted me to visit her if I had the time."

Linda guessed that the number she called belonged to Adam, whom she had mentioned before.

She wondered if Adam had heard the news. Maybe he was done using May since she could no longer do anything for him.

This was why she couldn't get through to the number.

Just as Linda was about t

back for quite a long time. His Lordship always sits alone in the yard. I think he is quite lonely..."

Linda suddenly felt sad after hearing this.

"Father, why don't you come and live with me in the Mu Clan villa? You must be quite lonely being here alone..."

"That won't be necessary. I like living here, Linda." Johnson shook his head in disagreement.

"It's okay. Charles won't mind." Linda tried to convince Johnson again.

There were a lot of spare rooms in the Mu Clan villa. Linda wanted to take her father there because she felt uneasy at the thought of him living alone.

"No, that's fine. I'm good here. Just come visit me with Master Mu in your spare time. "

Johnson felt warm because Linda was very considerate of him. He couldn't help feeling guiltier towards Linda.

"Well then, you should look after yourself, father. Ask Anna to give you a checkup every two weeks. Okay?"

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