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   Chapter 173 The Contract

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Lord Ho immediately berated him, "Brian, come back! How could you treat your fiancé like that? She came here for you, but look at your attitude!"

Frowning, Brian replied indifferently, "First of all, she's not my fiancé. Second, so what if she comes for me? Finally, what's wrong with me? Why can't I just quietly ignore someone I dislike?"

"Brian, bear in mind what I've told you. If you don't want that girl to suffer, stay home and do as you're told. Sarah is the perfect girl for you. Just forget that Bun."

"I've told you millions of times. Even if I don't get to marry Bonny Lu, I will never marry Sarah Shen!"

Brian pointed at Sarah with with slightly trembling fingers. His extreme anger was apparent. He didn't say much, but his eyes were cold as ice.

It was the first time for Sarah to see such a cold expression on Brian's face. He used to take everything in stride, even if he was angry or upset. Women were attracted to his calm and gentle eyes. But right now, he looked like a different person. He looked cold, disgusted, and even depressed.

"Brother Brian..." Sarah was cut short with Brian's interruption.

"Get out."

Brian stormed to his bedroom without even glancing back, and slammed the door. Lord Ho and Sarah were left alone in embarrassment.

Sarah believed that Bonny Lu had seduced Brian. She couldn't imagine that it was Brian Ho who had pursued her.

"It's fine. Your wedding has already been set. Let's see what he dares to do! What has been done cannot be undone. You shall get on well with each other eventually."

Lord Ho gently comforted Sarah. The thought of how Brian has been

ey were having supper, a servant brought Johnson some documents. He signed the papers after perusing them, sighing heavily.

"What's wrong, Dad? What are these?"

"Contracts of transferring my stock shares."

"Stocks of what? The Xia Group? But why? Didn't we get back all our property from May Shen?" Linda was completely baffled.

"Yes, we did. But she had transferred a lot in secret, and they were not under her name..."

Linda's heart plummeted. She wondered where May had transferred those properties.

Johnson added, "Our companies are on the verge of collapsing. I had been in poor health, so Vincent Zhou and May Shen were taking care of them for me. But who have thought that they would viciously betray us?

"Dad... Take it easy and don't sign them now."

"No. Today is the deadline. If I don't sign them now, even this mansion will be seized by the bank as mortgage."

In recent years, the Xia Clan companies had great profits and losses. May Shen had deliberately put them in arrears. A lot of their properties had been transferred through money laundering.

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