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   Chapter 172 For Love or Novelty's sake.

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"Bun, be honest, do you love Brian? If you do, we'll help you. But if you don't, leave him alone and move on."

Bun looked sullen. She hesitated to respond to Linda. She was confused and wasn't sure about her true feelings.

Besides, lately with the Paul situation, she wasn't sure anymore. Paul's proclamation to her made her doubt her feelings for Brian. Did she love Brian, or was she just infatuated with the idea that any man would give her the attention? Bun thought.

Bun took a deep breathe and said, "I think we must break them apart. Sarah is not worth Brian. She is manipulative and doesn't care for him like I do. I'm not 100% sure if I do love Brian, but I want the chance to figure it out. Besides, I don't like Sarah Shen very much."

"Funny!" Linda couldn't help but laugh, "Okay Bun. If my guess is correct, then this invitation card must be from Sarah. No one else but her is capable of such childish behaviour."

Bun thought so as well. Bun sighed and shook her head. But to be honest, she felt really sad. When she heard that he was marrying someone else and when she received the invitation card, her heart broke a little.

Bun needed to figure out whether what she is feeling was true love or puppy love.

Villa of the Ho clan.

"Grandpa, what are you doing? Why are you forcing me to get married? How many times have I told you that I'm not marrying Sarah Shen."

His roar could be heard beyond the sitting room, which shocked their servants. His fury was rare to be seen. He had always been inoffensive and easy-going.

"It's already set between me and her grandfather. You two will be getting married next month. You must do it that way." His grandfather thumped on the table and shook his beard to make the final decision. Lord Ho never understood why Brian had become so defiant. No one had ever stood up to him the way Brian was doing. He would not allow it.

"No! Why Sarah Shen? Why not Bonny Lu?" Brian asked wondering when the torment would end.

"Because she was the daughter of a man who betrayed us and I will not have this family linked to such a lineage as hers. It will only bring us humiliation. I will never give you my blessing to marry h

wasn't even 10% as beautiful or tender-hearted as his Bun!

"No. Go have lunch by yourself. I'm not hungry." Brian said and walked away.

Sarah was so angry that she stamped her feet where she was. She called out, "Brian."

But Brian still continued to walk away without even looking back.

"Hey, boy, where are you going? Come back!" His grandfather thumped on the table and roared.

"I'm going back to my room to sleep. No-one should disturb me." Brian responded, completely ignoring Lord Ho's display.

"Brother Brian, don't go to bed. It's a fine day today. Let's go have fun. We're getting married. It's time we strengthen our relationship." Sarah quipped.

Brian Ho felt sick. No matter how many lunches or dates, their would never have a relationship. Brian thought to himself. Why would he? Sarah wasn't his cup of tea.

He regretted initially dating her. What was he thinking? And he didn't believe in his grandfather's principle. Why would he have a relationship with Sarah just for novelty? He had never experienced a relationship with a police commissioner. Now he did. But it was too much trouble. He had been in trouble for the past two years and it didn't seem to end. What else did she want?

"Strengthen our relationship? Are you delusional? No. I said I was not marrying you. Don't push me!" Brian said, turning towards his room.

Sarah looked paler. She felt embarrassed and humiliated. She had no choice, but to cry quietly.

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