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   Chapter 171 The Wedding Invitation

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At Violet's words, Linda got confused. To her knowledge, the Civil Affairs Bureau is closed on Saturdays. "Did I remember it wrong?" She thought to herself.

"It's open on Saturdays?"

"Of course. People work during the weekdays. If the Civil Affairs Bureau isn't open on Saturdays, how else would people have the time to go through the process?"

Linda scratched her head sheepishly, "Mother, your words make sense. You're so smart!"

"Humph" Violet kept her poker face as she restrained her amusement. She pointed to Linda and was about to say something, when Charles gathered Linda into his arms and said, "All right. Let's enjoy dinner first. The food will get cold."

Linda fed herself another cola chicken wing. Cola chicken wings were her favourite dish.

She didn't expect Violet to cook it especially for her. It tasted good.

Feeling a little full after dinner, Linda asked Charles to accompany her on a walk in the garden.

The Mu Manor garden was quite big. Linda and Charles walked hand in hand as they chatted on their stroll.

All the servants working in the garden exclaimed at the sight, "Young Master and Her Lady make such a perfect match

utching Brian's wedding invitation in her hands, Bunny said nothing and managed to keep calm. But Linda could tell she was heartbroken.

"Bun, you don't have to go if you don't want to."

Bunny must have strong feelings for Brian. Linda felt?sorry for her.

"It's okay, My Lady. Don't worry about me. It would be impolite if I didn't go when they invited me. More importantly, I'd like to wish him a happy marriage in person." Bunny said with a bitter smile.

Linda felt furious. "Why is Brian getting married to that stupid woman? He didn't love her at all!"

At the thought, Linda turned to Charles and held his hand, "Charles, we need to help Bun get Brian back!"

"All right. I don't think it will be difficult."

Seeing Charles nod in agreement, Linda grinned.

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