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   Chapter 170 Babies and Weddings

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If Linda wanted to get to the bottom of this salary discrepancy, Charles would not hesitate to support her.

"My Lady, the one in charge of our salary is Thomas Liu. He is also in charge of the school's daily expenditure as well as funding and scholarships financed by Mu Clan." Bun summarised the text message that she had received.

Linda looked at Charles and asked "How much money does the Mu Clan finance the school every year?"

"Well, to my knowledge, it's quite a lot. The Mu Clan has dedicated almost thirty thousand Yuan towards scholarships for the students who deserve them. Additionally, funds are usually transferred to the school on a need basis. I can't be sure about the exact number until I look at the books. Why?"

"Hmm, I don't know yet." Linda sat there thinking. Soon after, they arrived at the Mu manor.

Charles packed his car and walked into the house hand in hand with Linda.

Violet and James were waiting for them in the living room. Dishes were already laid out on the dining table.

Stepping into the living room, Linda smelled chicken wings cooked with cola.

Her stomach grumbled in appreciation for the sweet smell emitting from the kitchen. She commented, "Something smells delicious."

Hearing Linda's words, Violet rolled her eyes, "Is eating the only thing you do every day, all you think about?"


James reprimanded Violet. He didn't understand why his wife always nit-picked at everything Linda said or did. "Let the girl enjoy herself. What's wrong with appreciating the smell of food? Stop it!"

"What? James Mu, I am about to be her mother-in-law. I have the right to teach her!" Hearing James standing up for Linda, Violet became upset.

"All right. Suit yourself." James shrugged, and fixated on the newspaper in front of him.

Linda knew that Violet had a short fuse. She didn't fear anybody, even James, when she was losing her temper. Linda didn't dare to talk back and averted her eyes to the ground beneath her. Her hand was still interlocked with Charles'. He gave her a reassuring squeeze. Even he knew not to add fuel to the fire.

They took a seat opposite Charles' parents. James and Charles engaged in a lively conversation about the business, whilst Violet took the opportunity to stare down

her fingers as a gesture.

Hearing Linda's words, Violet seemed to be amused. But she still kept her frown on, "Manners Linda. A lady never speaks with food in her mouth." "oops sorry." Linda apologized, reaching for another chicken wing.

After a while, James turned to Linda and Charles and said, "By the way, I have discussed your wedding with Lord Xia. How about holding the wedding next month? We'd better arrange the wedding as soon as possible. It's getting cold. Wearing a wedding gown in winter won't be ideal. Plus the wedding will be outside and we don't want her to get wet."

Linda was touched. She was grateful to have such a thoughtful and caring soon-to-be father-in-law.

"Okay. Next month is fine." Linda replied. Charles nodded, showing his approval. Linda was already his wife in his mind. The wedding was just customary and to show others Linda's place as the Her Ladyship of Mu Clan. He decided to give Linda an unforgettable wedding ceremony.

"You two have to go to the Civil Affair Bureau and finish the marriage formality tomorrow. Why haven't you gone through that procedure yet?" Violet spoilt the moment.

Linda took a tumble. She didn't realize getting married was not only about holding a wedding but most importantly going through government formality. She blushed and said, "Mother, we will finish formality as soon as possible. But the Civil Affair Bureau doesn't open on Saturday."

"Who told you the Civil Affair Bureau doesn't open on Saturday?" Violet responded rashly.

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