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   Chapter 169 Salary discrepancy

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Linda was almost sure that there was something fishy going on. She turned to look at Bun, "Please find out how many staff there are in the school, and which accountant handles the payment of salaries."

Bun looked at her quizzically. "My Lady, there isn't a specific person who handles the payment of our salaries. The finance office is responsible for the statistics and the HR office handles the payment."

"Okay, then could you find out the number of staff? "

"No problem, I'll check it for you." Bun responded and stood up. She headed to the administration desk to get the information.

After a few minutes, Bun returned. "My Lady. There are a total of 43 teachers in the school. Plus the logistics staff, so the total staff adds up to 80."



Confused about what Linda was doing, Bun asked, "My Lady, what's the matter? Why do we have to check the number of staff in the school? Is there something wrong?"

Linda nodded and replied, "Well, yes. I have found a discrepancy. Look at our payrolls. Our salaries don't add up correctly."

Bun took the calculator and added up the numbers on her payroll. She found that there was indeed an issue; one Yuan was missing.

Bun glanced at Linda and said admiringly, "My Lady, you're very smart. How did you figure it out?"

"I've always been good with numbers. But this is weird. Even if someone in the finance office steals one Yuan from everyone's salary, it would be only 80 Yuan in total. It's just worthless and too risky.

I don't think anyone would risk getting fired and going to jail for criminal liability for only 80 Yuan. It doesn't make any sense." Linda sat down on a chair, racking her brain for a logical reason.

"I agree it's very suspicious and doesn't make sense. But to be on the safe side, I'll ask around and investigate, find out who might be profiting from our salaries. We don't know anything thing else yet." Bun said, already forming a plan of action in her head.

Linda nodded and said, "Okay Bun. Thank you." She knew she could always rely on Bun for support.

The da

at she had received a message.

She took a quick look at her phone and said to Linda, "My Lady, I have found out all the information you required."

"Information? Linda, what are you looking for?" Charles asked.

"Well, you know that we have received our salaries but when I double checked, there's one Yuan missing on our payrolls. I mean, both me and Buns' anyway. It's weird, isn't it? So I asked her to investigate and find out who handled our salary payment and if there was any foul play."

"Oh okay. That's definitely suspicious. So both you and Bun have received one Yuan less? Is it just you two or there are others?"

"Well, I haven't asked anyone else. As I haven't seen their payrolls, I didn't to make any conclusions. So I have asked Bun to check that person's family background and see if there's any clue."

Charles knew that Linda liked to investigate cases and to find out the truth. Her moral compass was straight as an arrow, and even though anyone else would have let the case go, she wouldn't.

She stood her ground, always, and never backed down in the face of danger.

Charles worried about her sometimes, but he also realized that thats what made her strong. She loved her for that.

Charles had heard of cases where a similar kind of situation would occur in companies or institutions, but only a few people would ever come forward and protest.

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