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   Chapter 168 Payday Conspiracy

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Linda had worked as a psychology teacher for a month at Z High School.

In that time, John had made huge progress in his exams, rising up in class rank, from the bottom to the medium level of the class within a month, which surprised his parents and teachers.

As for Amber, Linda chose to let her off, because there was no point in seeking for the truth.

Linda chose to believe that Amber wouldn't frame a student. Perhaps she did it, but Linda thought that her reason was purely based on the fact that John rejected her daughter.

Linda wouldn't make a complaint as long as John wasn't bothered about it. It was suspicious how Amber got the extra money to buy the car, but she had decided not to bother anymore. She moved on from the situation.

Linda was having lunch with Bun, when she received a message.

She retrieved her phone and saw the message; her salary had been paid. She had worked for a month and it happened to be payday that day.

Although the salary wasn't much, Linda found the job very meaningful and fulfilling.

According to the message, Linda had received a total of 6, 929 Yuan.

Bun noticed that she had also received a message on her mobile phone. It informed her that her salary had been paid, which was almost similar to Linda's. But she didn't care as much as Linda did.

Bun was not short of money at all. She was paid well beca


This was impossible.

"Bun let me take a look at your payroll." Linda turned to Bun, who was sitting beside her.

"What's wrong, My Lady?" Surprised, Bun handed her payroll to Linda compliantly.

Linda took a glance at Bun's payroll.

"The salary doesn't add up correctly. Is the accountant so careless?" Linda showed the payroll to Bun, took out a calculator from the drawer and tried to figure it out.

The regular pay was 5, 000 Yuan. According to the payroll, Linda's salary should add up to exactly 6, 930 Yuan.

But the amount on her payroll was 6, 929 Yuan, which was one Yuan less. So was the case with Bun.

This didn't see to be an isolated incident. If she was the only one whose salary wasn't adding up correctly, Linda would have reasoned that the accountant had miscalculated. However, she felt that there must be something wrong since both Bun and her received one yuan less.

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