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   Chapter 167 As Long as You’re with Me.

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With red eyes and an exhausted face, Charles' knotted eyebrows relaxed at the sight of Linda. Seeing this, Linda was moved. He must really hold her dear to his heart.

Otherwise, he wouldn't have lost sleep in his relentless search for her.

"You didn't sleep last night?"

Charles nodded as he approached Linda. "Honey, let's go home."

"Alright." Linda nodded and walked out hand in hand with Charles.

Robert had thought that Charles would angrily interrogate him but to his surprise, Charles didn't even look at him, the master of the villa. He simply took Linda away right in front of him without a greeting.

Although Charles didn't ask, Robert thought it necessary to explain to avoid any misunderstanding that might hurt Linda and her happiness. Robert called out, "Wait a minute, Charles! I can explain. Nothing happened between Linda and I last night."

Charles stopped to turn around and looked at him with an unreadable expression.

"You don't have to explain. And I don't want to hear it."

With that, he left the house with Linda.

As they drove home, Charles Mu remained silent, leaning on Linda's shoulder to rest with his eyes closed. He had stayed up all night.

Showing a great deal of affection towards him, Linda said in a soft voice, "I'm sorry. It's all my fault, I was too careless. If I had been more careful, I wouldn't have been abducted and you wouldn't have ended up staying up all night. Look at you! You're exhausted."

"I'm glad th

u're with me."

After half an hour, Charles complied with Linda's demand and took a nap at home instead of going to the company to work. Lack of sleep was detrimental to one's health. She couldn't let him go on like this.

But Charles only slept for a while. He got up at 2pm and went to deal with business with Paul. He had to take charge of the major projects that the Mu Group recently took over.

After asking the nanny, Linda found out that Bun was brought home by Brian last night. Brian had intended to stay until her fever went down, but he was unexpectedly called away by someone sent by Lord Ho. Brian didn't stand up against him, And obeyed the order. He didn't want his father getting back at Bun.

Life was back on track. It was odd, but Linda decided to let it go since Charles agreed to see to it and to get rid of every danger.

She chose to have a normal life. She went to work with Bun every day, And spent time with the students.

A month passed by quickly.

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