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   Chapter 166 Encrypted message

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Tossing and turning, Robert was restless and couldn't fall sleep. His mind was racing, thinking about the good times that he had had with Linda when they were younger. In particular, two years ago, when they were reading books in the library in silence.

Her presence was enough to make it memorable.

And he missed such times. He missed her.

He had taken that time for granted, not knowing that that was the last time they could have alone.

It was already 4pm.

"Paul, any words from Linda?"

Charles sat on the sofa in the living room of Mu Clan, and knocked the table in a rhythmic way. The expression on his face was stiff and rigid, And his eyes were blood-shot, in agony that he had yet to hear or find the love of his life. She had disappeared, without a word and as much as they tried, She couldn't be found. Who had taken Linda?

"No, Young Master Mu. I'm sorry." Paul answered, his voice almost a whisper.

"Keep checking! Use all the resources we have!" Charles demanded, pounding the table hard.

"Yes, sir!" Paul responded, retreating back to his office to continue the investigation.

Finally, there was a breakthrough in the case. At 7am, Paul rushed back into the living room, finding Charles in the same spot that he had left him. "Young Master Mu, I think I found Her Ladyship! She is in Huo's villa."

"Huo's villa?"

Charles' facial expression turned grim.

Did Robert Huo kidnap Linda? Charles didn't think so. Robert didn't seem like he could. Even though he had history with Linda, he was a respected member of the society.

If not Robert, then Adam is the most likely suspect. Oh no... Charles thought, shivering at the prospect that a delusional man had abducted Linda. Charles knew Adam was indeed much more sophisticated than he looked. People usually underestimated Adam, but not Charles.

He was an absolute unfathomable and dangerous individual. He sympathized with Adam's predicament, caused by an incident that happened years ago.

Did Adam blame him? Charles thought, standing up. He began to pace back and forth, worried. What happened to Adam wasn't Charles' fault

But it had something to do with him.

"Yes, Young Master. But it was strange how I discovered the news. I just..."

"What is it?" Charles interjected. "I discovered her location by chance. I received an encrypted text message about her whereabouts. It's very suspicious."

"I don't care Paul, I jus

en movement didn't make her headache worse.

Besides, it was inappropriate for an engaged woman to be in the bed of a man that wasn't her intended.

"Thank you, Robert. I will treat you to dinner some other day. But now, I have to go. Charles must be worried sick about me." With that, she put on her shoes, ready to leave. Suddenly, someone knocked at the door. Robert gently said, "Come in."

Alice Mei opened the door, "Master Robert, there is a group of people in the living room for you. They are demanding to see ..."

Before she could finish, Alice Mei noticed Linda.

Her mouth fell open.

"I told them that there was no lady here in with you, but there she is.

Master Robert, what should I tell them?"

The inquiry gave Robert a headache. He didn't know how to explain to Alice why and how Linda was in his room.

"Uh...Alice Mei, I uh..."

To her recollection, Alice didn't remember seeing Robert bringing Linda home. How did she get here? She asked herself.

Just then a group of people rushed in, With Charles and Paul at the forefront.

When Charles saw Linda sitting there, safe and sound, his icy demeanor mitigated.

Now that Linda was fine, a weight lifted off his mind."Linda, my love." He approached her and wrapped his arms around her.Charles had been worried about her the whole night.He had no clue who had taken her or where she was.Paul had been searching for her last night but found nothing until half an hour ago. Paul received a suspicious text message about her whereabouts.But it looked like someone deliberately wanted her to be found in Robert's presence, but why?

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