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   Chapter 165 An Honorable Man

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Every year, Adam Huo would send his brother Robert a gift, which he would leave on Robert's desk.

As Robert dried his hair with a towel, he glanced at his table only to find it empty. Where was the gift that Adam talked about?

Had he forgotten to leave it there?

Robert couldn't help but feel strange.

Despite taking a shower, a whole day of teaching still left Robert a bit too woozy to contemplate on this.

In any case, Robert didn't really care what the gift turned out to be. He cared much more about Adam's thoughts behind the gift.

Adam should still be satisfied with his older brother.

Robert decided to ask Adam about it when he came back the next day. Perhaps his little brother simply forgot to leave the gift. No longer concerned, Robert noticed that it was already late, and wanted to get some sleep.

Turning to his bed, Robert immediately felt something was wrong with it. The bed was well-made except for the bump in the middle, which didn't seem to be a pillow.

Was there someone in there?

Robert was taken aback. Frowning, he carefully approached the bed and pulled back the covers.

In front of him lay Linda Xia. She was fast asleep on the bed, her eyes closed and her breaths steady.

What on earth was happening? How could Linda be here?

"Linda," Robert called out gently. Linda didn't respond, lying motionless in bed like a porcelain doll. Her unearthly beauty still seemed so ethereal, it was almost suffocating.

Suppressing his desires, Robert shook Linda's body but got no reaction. Could she have been drugged?

Robert put his fingers under Linda's nose, and was relieved to feel her even breathing. It was normal and stable, so there shouldn't be anything wrong.

On the ni

just joking with his brother, but he never imagined that Adam would really kidnap Linda.

With a sigh, Robert covered up Linda again. He thought of sending Linda back, but he couldn't part with her. For two years, Linda and Robert never had a chance to spend time alone, quietly enjoying the moment together.

Pulling out a blanket for himself, Robert set up the sofa beside and settled on it. From the sofa, Linda didn't seem far away. Robert could see her when he turned his head. Linda silently laid in bed, very much like a doll.

Turning off the lights, Robert closed his eyes and tried to empty his mind. Since his brother brought this gift to him, he would simply enjoy a nice night with Linda.

Even though he wasn't doing anything, he felt content.

With his eyes shut, Robert couldn't fall asleep. Tossing and turning, he couldn't help looking at Linda who was lying there peacefully. With such a beauty at his side, Robert felt his control slipping several times. Although he considered himself to be an honorable man, he found it impossible to restrain himself from someone he adored so much.

He just didn't want Linda to wake up hating him.

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