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   Chapter 164 The Birthday Present

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Amy Qi was currently studying in the UK all by herself, so it she couldn't do much. She could only rely on Sarah Shen for news on the Mu Clan.

But Sarah was too foolish. If it weren't for the little function she had, Amy would have ended their friendship a long time ago.

"Help me keep a close eye on things. If you notice any sign of trouble or disturbance, let me know as soon as possible. Got it?"

"You can rest assured." Sarah smiled and said, "You and I are such good friends. How can I possibly stand by and watch the man that you love marry some other woman? I'm honestly praying for Linda Xia's early death."

"Since I'm living abroad now, I can't easily interfere with these things. I will have to continue to trouble you." Amy sighed, feigning reluctance.

"Don't worry. Your happiness is my happiness. We're in the same boat. I bet you don't know it yet, but that little bitch close to Linda dared to seduce my Brian. I will make her suffer a fate worse than death and pay the price. How dare she get so close to my Brian?"

"Brian must be simply playing around with her. Don't worry about a thing. Haven't you already talked it through with your old man? It's all settled between your father and Lord Ho. Your families have bonded over generations, and your parents have such a good relationship. It will be easy for you to get engaged. Besides, Brian is not as powerful as Charles. He has to obey his old man."

Amy couldn't help feeling a little upset at the thought. She wondered sometimes how better things would be if Charles were also someone who could be controlled by his family. If she wanted to marry Charles, all she had to do then was seal the deal with his parents and his clan. Even if Amy had already won over Violet Xing and James Mu, she was never able to win Charles' heart.

There was no way she could force a relationship with Charles if she couldn't win his heart.

It was obvious that Amy went for wool and came home shorn. Violet Xing

t's celebrate your birthday tomorrow."

"You're going out?" Robert asked in surprise.

Since that incident, Adam had rarely gone out. Robert was a little puzzled.

Why would he leave now?

"Yeah, I want to go out alone for a while, wander a bit, and feel things out there."

"If you're open to the outside world, that'd be best. But you have to be careful outside. Take a couple of people to watch your back."

In Robert's memory, Adam seldom went out. His favorite pastime consisted of sitting in the living room and blankly staring at the television.

Watching the news

was the only daily entertainment Adam ever had.

Robert took a few bites of his food and by the time he was done, Adam was already stepping out. Robert was a little worried about his brother's safety, but Adam took several bodyguards with him. Seeing that was the case, Robert didn't say much besides eagerly reminding Adam to keep safe.

After Adam had left, Robert went back to his room. He felt tired after a long day. As soon as he got to his room, he decided on taking a hot shower to relax.

Having lived alone all this time, Robert exited the bathroom right after his shower.

He suddenly remembered that Adam had mentioned leaving him a present.

What could the present be?

Robert got excited at the possibilities.

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