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   Chapter 163 Who kidnapped Linda Xia

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Paul had heard rumors about the relationship between Sarah Shen and Brian He. He had heard how their relationship had ended and how Sarah didn't take it well. She took every opportunity to spread nasty rumors in the hope that Brian would break up with Bun. He knew how devious she could be.

He didn't want anything to do with her. How could he betray the one's who are close to him?

He was absolutely loyal to Charles, and had no intentions of hurting Bun.

She deserved to be happy, and even though if she chose to be happy with Brian, he had no right to take that away from her.

He understood that clearly.

Bun didn't love him, maybe she never did. At the start, whatever existed between them might just have been infatuation. Bun never reciprocated the love that Paul felt for her. In hindsight, he should have known that his love for her was not the same as her love for him.

Bun had been training with the women's special forces for seven years. Apart from him, she had never come across any other man. There was something about her shyness and innocence that attracted Paul to her, and instantly made him fall in love.

However, there's a possibility that she might have mistaken his attention as the love and protection that a big brother would reflect on a small sister.

She didn't love him like that.

"Tell me. What do you want me to do? How do you plan on breaking them up?"

He asked, curious as to what Sarah was planning.

"It's simple. Bun is not worthy of Brian and doesn't deserve to be with him. They can't be together. So, we are going to give them a reason to break-up. Leaving Brian with no choice but to run back to my arms."

Sarah smirked, for she despised Bun - the descendant of a traitorous general, for stealing her man away. Their relationship was a danger to Sarah's plans and she vowed to break them up at all costs.

For her sake and her happiness, Sarah wanted Brian all to herself. She had never met a man who made her feel the way he did.

So, this time round she wasn't planning on letting go. At the beginning, Sarah was so elated when Bri

nding the woman he liked to his bed?

Sarah stomped her feet in anger, and heard Lord Shen from inside his car, "Young lady, get in the car. It's getting late!" She obeyed the command and entered the car. She was at an impasse and not had to come up with another plan.

When she got back home, she entered her room and immediately called Amy Qi. There was a time difference between UK and China so when she called, Amy was just about to go to bed.

"Why are you calling me so late at night? I need to have my beauty sleep. Let's talk tomorrow, Sarah." Amy answered the phone somewhat impatiently.


Don't go just yet. I have some good news for you."

"What is it?"

"Linda Xia has been kidnapped!"

Amy was already lying in bed ready to sleep and feeling quite tired.

However, she was immediately refreshed upon hearing the news. "By who?" "By who? How would I know! Young Master Mu summoned me earlier for questioning. He asked me if I had taken Linda. It was only then that I knew of the good news. This bitch must have offended so many people knowing that Young Master Mu loves her.

Otherwise, how could she be kidnapped when she was supposed to be safe and sound, teaching classes at that high school? Haha, she got what she deserved."On the other end of the phone, Amy had been listening carefully, and she thought to herself, could it be that man who kidnapped Linda?

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