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   Chapter 162 Bun Can't End up with Brian!

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Instinct told Lord Shen that something was wrong. Could Sarah be foolish enough to kidnap Linda Xia?

His beard quivered with anxiety. "Sarah, did you do it or not? If you did, let her go right now. It's not that serious. I'll ask Young Master Mu for forgiveness on your behalf."

Sarah almost burst into tears, feeling aggrieved and branded. With wet eyes, she said, "Grandpa, I swear I didn't. Why would I kidnap his wife? I would have chosen the girl that Brian likes instead."

"What did you just say?"

At Sarah's words, Paul couldn't help defending Bun.

His reaction interested Sarah. Could this man like Bun as well?

What on earth was so special about that Bun? She was just a servant, but everyone liked her!

The more Sarah thought about it, the angrier she got. Charles noticed the sinister look on her lovely face and decided that a beautiful appearance could also turn ugly with a vicious heart.

"I'll give you five more minutes. If I still get no hint of Linda's whereabouts, you'll know what I'm capable of!"

Actually, Charles didn't think that Sarah was behind this. But he hoped that it was Sarah, because Linda would be in more danger if it wasn't her.

A worse situation would be... Linda being taken away by people like Vincent Zho.

Charles' threat worried Lord Shen. Did he imply that he would destroy their clan? Undoubtedly, Charles was capable of erasing the entire Shen Clan from SH City.

But Sarah seemed innocent.

If she did kidnap Linda Xia, she would have confessed. Besides, Sarah didn't hate Linda that much, so it didn't make sense

ecial. I just feel like chatting with you, if you don't mind. Just a few minutes."

Paul smiled, curious about Sarah's intentions. He walked towards her and looked at her with a pair of ordinary but bright eyes. "Alright."

Sarah shivered under his stare. What an intimidating man! No wonder Bun chose Brian over him. She thought to herself.

Brian was without a doubt, far better than this Paul.

Sarah got distressed at the thought. Why was Brian so good-looking and wonderful?

If he was a little less perfect, she wouldn't need to bother herself with the women being attracted by him. But then again, if he wasn't so handsome and funny, she wouldn't have fallen in love with him.

Sarah was particularly obsessed with a beautiful face, Let alone a man of both exceptional charm and wit. It was always pleasant talking with him because Brian could go with any topic, even cosmetics. Sarah couldn't accept the fact that this perfect man didn't belong to her.

"Why don't you cooperate with me?"


"Bun can't end up with Brian!"

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