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   Chapter 161 Why Would I Kidnap Your Wife

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"And take Sarah to the Mu Clan villa!" Charles barked angrily.

"Yes, Young Master."

Paul also suspected Sarah was involved.

Amy had gone to America, and Sarah was the only one left in China who ever had a conflict with Linda and Bun.

Confirming that Linda wasn't in school, Charles drove back to the villa.

Sarah was dying of boredom in class at the police academy, when a group of people suddenly rushed in and took her away. It scared the hell out of her.

"Who are you? What are you doing?" Sarah frantically exclaimed.

At the gate of the police school, Sarah recognized one of the men. Wasn't he the guy working for Charles?

"Where did you take Lady Xia?" he demanded.

Feeling confused, Sarah had no idea what Paul was talking about.

"What are you talking about? How would I know where she is? "

Did that little bitch get kidnapped again? Sarah felt a burst of joy in her heart at the thought. She had always believed that people like Linda didn't deserve to live in this world.

"You don't want to talk? Fine. You're coming with me."

Paul waved his hand and two men in black roughly shoved Sarah into the car and drove away.

Sarah started to feel flustered. "What the hel

er marriage to Brian with Lord Ho. Why was the girl unwilling to stay home and marry someone? Why does she keep causing trouble?

Since Sarah had been involved in some bad things before, Lord Shen assumed Sarah did something wrong again. Before asking Sarah about it, Lord Shen greeted Charles. "Young Master Mu, my granddaughter is quite reckless. If she has offended you, please forgive her."

"Where have you taken Linda?"

Charles invited Lord Shen in because he was afraid Sarah wouldn't tell him the truth. After all, Sarah was Lord Shen's only granddaughter. He would only humiliate the Shen Clan as a last resort.

"Haven't I told you already? I honestly don't know where Linda is! Why won't you believe me? Why would I kidnap your wife? "

Sarah bemoaned being wrongly accused by Charles.

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