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   Chapter 159 No Room for Anyone Else

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Linda frowned. "You have a fever, Bun. I don't need your protection now. I need you to get?some rest, alright? I'll be back immediately after lunch. Don't worry."

"My Lady..."

"Are you disobeying me?" Linda pretended to be offended.

"Get some rest if you aren't feeling well. Relax. I assure you that she will be safe and sound, and it's just a quick lunch." Robert said encouragingly.

Bun was still hesitant until Linda said, "If you don't get some rest now, I'll ask Paul to look after you."

"Alright, My Lady. Stop teasing me." Bun was reluctant to meet Paul. She had no idea how she was going to face him.

She felt her forehead and found it burning. Her face was flushed too, which was a symptom of a fever. More importantly, she felt dizzy. She could end up being a burden to Linda in this condition. After some hesitation, she decided to go to the school infirmary and take some antipyretics.

She could also use the bed in the infirmary to get some rest.

Although she was light-headed and weak, Bun thought of Brian. A clear image of him came to mind and he stood before her, smiling with a pair of alluring eyes. Bun blushed at once. Thinking about Brian made her heart skip a beat.

She just saw him yesterday, but she started to miss him already. She got cowardly and dare not face her true feelings. She didn't deserve such a good man.

After Bun lef

to make it clear with you that since I'm engaged with Charles..."

She trailed off, believing that a sensible man like Robert would get her meaning. Linda had made up her mind to settle down and spend the rest of her life with the person she loved. She wouldn't want an incident to happen.

It was quite an awkward lunch. Linda realized they had few things in common now, unlike back in college. She was a Psychology teacher while Robert taught Chemistry, so they didn't really have a close working relationship.

Conscious of Robert's feelings, Linda felt a bit awkward. Being?fully committed to Charles, there was no room in her heart for anyone else.

After lunch, Linda went back to school to check if Bun was alright. The nurse told her that Bun had a 38.9 °C fever. Apparently, it was caused by the stress and grief from the day before.

Bun took some medicine but refused to go to hospital no matter what.

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