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   Chapter 158 Comfort Food

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Linda was taken aback. "He confessed? What happened after, did you accept his love?"

Her questions left Bun dumbfounded, which confirmed Linda's suspicions. She knew that Bun would never accept Paul now.

She could sense that Bun was falling Brian, and she understood why. After all, Brian was a charming man. Any woman would feel the same way.

"I didn't. But I feel so bad about it." Bun replied finally.

"It's natural to feel sad. You did love him in the past, but he never expressed his interest for years. It's alright, sweetheart. These negative feelings will go away soon."

"I know. But can I really go through this? Why would I feel so sad if I didn't love him? Your ladyship, I truly believe..." Bun continued.

"Try to be happy. How about I treat you to lunch today?"

"Ok, thank you. Your ladyship."

Bun was still upset when they arrived at the school. Noticing this, Linda decided to comfort her. After all, she knew Bun didn't love Paul anymore. Even the "love" she felt in the past was only admiration towards a big brother.

At noon, Linda and Bun bumped into Robert in the canteen. Robert waved at Linda the moment he saw her. Clearly, he was waiting for her.

be a teacher here because he wanted to spend more time with Linda.

The three of them decided to leave the canteen to go to a western restaurant outside school for lunch.

On their way, Linda noticed that something was wrong with Bun.

Bun didn't look good. Linda touched Bun's forehead to find it burning up.

"Bun, do you have a fever?" Linda asked with concern.

Bun nodded her head. She felt so weak, she could hardly stand. "It seems I do. I feel dizzy now..."

"I'll have lunch with Robert and bring you some food.

You need to go to the school clinic and get some rest. The doctors there will give you some medicine." Bun shook her head determinedly, "I can't, your ladyship. It's my responsibility to always stay with you and keep you safe. It's the Young Master's orders."

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