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   Chapter 157 Paul’s Love Confession

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Bun wanted to say something, but had no idea how to respond. She smiled wryly. She didn't even know herself why she didn't like Paul as much anymore.

Honestly, she didn't know the answer at all.

"Are you in love with someone else now?" Paul asked.

"No, I'm not. We didn't even have an established relationship." Bun answered.

Surprised at Bun's reply, Paul lowered his eyes.

"Yes, you're right. You're not even my girlfriend. It's all my fault. Can I ask one more question? If Brian hadn't shown up, would you be my girlfriend?"

Ignoring his question, Bun replied bluntly, "but he did show up."

Taken aback, Paul pursed his lips with a forced smile and nodded.

"Bun, I only wish for your happiness. I really hope Brian will be a good choice for you." Paul said. Bun suddenly grabbed him by the shoulders.

"I'm not with Brian yet, don't speak so carelessly. I believe you will meet the one for you as well." Bun said.

"All right. Please take this necklace. It's my gift to you as a friend." Paul said, handing her a beautiful, expensive-looking necklace.

"Thank you, Paul. But I don't think it's a good idea. I cannot accept this because we're not in a relationship." Bun replied.

"Bun, don't talk like that. If we can't be together, then we can at least be f

idn't have much time, so she hurriedly brushed her teeth and washed her face, leaving in a rush.

Bun was already at the gate, waiting for Linda in the car. Linda noticed Bun's bloodshot eyes the moment she got in.

Her eyes are so swollen. Is it possible she spent the night crying? Damn it! What happened between Paul and Bun yesterday? Why did she turn out like this? Linda thought.

She asked, "Bun, what's wrong? Why are your eyes so red today?"

"I'm fine." Bun replied and shook her head with a forced smile.

Linda realized that Bun didn't want to talk, so she stopped asking. After all, it was a private matter.

Bun didn't know why she felt so bad. As time passed by, she just felt sorry that things couldn't go back to the way things were.

She needed to vent to someone.

"My Lady, " Bun started. "Paul confessed to me last night."

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