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   Chapter 156 Moving on

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Linda's heart stopped for a second. Did Brian know?

"Go ahead. What do you want to know?"

Brian had always been Charles' best friend, and therefore, Charles had no intention of keeping secrets from him. After all, Brian was in love with Bun and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. So it was important for him to know what had happened to her in the past. He figured that it was better that they were frank and honest to each other, solving issues in the present rather than waiting until later.

Charles knew that Lord He wouldn't accept Bun as Brian's bride.

However, he knew that once Brian had made up his mind, no one could change it.


"Okay. What do you know of Bun's past?" Charles quipped. Brian gave a summary of what he had discovered. "Then I'm afraid my side of story is not much different from your investigation."

Charles replied, after Brian had finished.

With Brian's resources, it was easy to have someone investigated.

" So what did Lord Mu do to keep her alive?"

"Not sure. All I know is that it was my father who asked my grandfather for that favor, since Bun's father and mine had been friends for a long time. I know nothing more than you do, but I'll have Paul investigate further."

Brian then nodded solemnly, "Charles, you have to do this for me. It's way too important. I'm afraid someone will use it against Bun and put her in danger."

Although Brian was quite determined, Lord Ho was not willing to accept Bun because of her family background.

But if he thought it through, he would realize that Bun was actually the daughter of a lieutenant general.

Even the leak was merely an accident. Bun was only a child who had been kidnapped and hypnotized before revealing the tactics to their enemies. "Don't worry. I won't let anyone get to her or even have the chance to hurt her. But Brian, are you completely sure about it?

You know your grandfather will never agree no matter how keen you are on Bun."

"I've never been so sure in my life. She's the one for me."


Standing beside them, Linda saw the determination and the passion in Brian's eyes. She could te

cide to tell Bun how he felt about her?

Was it too late?

Linda could only shake her head and let Charles take her to their room. However, when they entered their room, Charles carried her to the bathroom.

"Let go of me. I want to take a bath and get some sleep! I can do this by myself." "I'll go with you."

Answered Charles slowly.

"Piss off! You can go first if you want to!"

Said Linda with her face turning pink.


"Bastard!" She retorted playfully, sharing a smile with her soon-to-be husband. In the garden, Paul and Bun sat side by side on the bench.

"Paul, what did you want to show me?

I'm tired and just want to have an early night."

Paul nodded and took a brocade box out of his pocket, "Here, it's for you."

"What is it?"

"A necklace. A gift for you."

Bun opened the box and saw a beautiful necklace inside. It seemed quite expensive.


Paul grabbed Bun's hands all of a sudden, "Bun, will you be my girlfriend? I've never known how to say this to you. But I still have feelings for you. I like you." Bun's heart stopped for a second. She shook his hands off her and stood up, "Paul, what are you doing? Why now?"

Paul smiled weakly when he saw the reluctance on Bun's face. "Bun... Are you in love with Young Master Ho?" "No!

Paul, it's just...

I just don't like you anymore..." Bun managed to say between her gritted teeth, which made Paul feel more miserable.

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