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   Chapter 155 Framing John Lee

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Last month, an unknown person called Amber and asked her to hand John Lee a serious punishment, that would destroy his reputation in school, Promising to give her 200, 000 yuan after it was done. The caller ID was blocked.

Amber didn't plan to do that. But eventually, the temptation was too much and she did, considering the demand for housing loan, raising her daughter and the car her husband always wanted. Besides, John Lee had rejected her daughter, so she also had a personal stake in this.

She had expected no one to find out about it.

And of all people, she didn't expect Linda to butt in.

Lilian Li calmed down and tried to think of way to help Amber. Amber was her colleague and friend, and Lilian felt obligated to help her. Furthermore, she feared the backlash from the powerful clans.

Turning to glance at Amber, Lilian rapped her fingers on the table and said, "Okay so here are your options; you need to insist that your accusations are warrantied. That's the first point of action. Or you find another scapegoat if things don't go well. I checked, the student who sat there in the last computer class didn't have a strong family background. You can use him as a scapegoat. But you're a teacher and this behavior is unacceptable. You are my friend, so I won't fire you, but I have to monitor you for a while, until the situation cools down. No more tricks Amber, Linda Xia will be teaching here. Don't displease her or we will be in trouble, understood?"

"Okay, I got it. Thank You, Lilian. I'm so lucky to have you. But I don't understand why she works here. I mean, she is getting married to Young Master Mu, and doesn't need to work. It's very strange."

Amber looked rather vicious, her voice dripping with jealousy.

Lilian rolled her eyes and replied, "I don't understand her reasoning as well. But I don't want this school under a spotlight, and with her here, ev

utiful? No way. She doesn't come anywhere close to you in that department!"

Linda couldn't help but laugh. Brian would say anything to make Bun happy.

Sarah Shen was a pretty girl and stood out in the crowd. But she wasn't as gorgeous as Bun.

Brian looked at his watch and realized that he didn't have much time left. He looked at Bun wistfully. But he needed to speak to Linda and Charles. He asked Linda, "Sister, Brother, I've got something to ask you in private. Shall we take a walk on the playground?"

Noticing his serious face, Charles knew that his friend didn't want Bun to overhear their conversation. He turned to Bun and Paul, "Wait for us in the car."

"Yes, Young Master." When Bun turned to leave, she brushed her hand across Brian's just to feel his warmth. She felt the electricity between them, through just that soft graze. She looked at Brian and noticed him smiling. He felt it too. That's all she needed, and she run to catch-up with Paul who was already a few meters away.

They kept strolling on the playground while Bun and Paul went to get the car from the underground garage.

After Bun and Paul were out of ear shot, Charles asked, "Well, what would you like to ask? Why didn't you want Bun and Paul to hear the conversation?"

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