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   Chapter 154 The Truth Is Out

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For Amber Tang, the worst she could do was to dispute it.

For John Lee, the notice of punishment would be canceled.

It did no harm to him. He had avenged himself anyway.

It was true that Amber Tang hated him. He had a poor academic performance and a bad reputation. But the worst thing was that her own daughter liked such a bad boy. What bad luck!

Amber Tang forbade her daughter from falling in love so early. She didn't want her daughter to fall behind on studies because of the relationship.

To her relief, John Lee refused her daughter. Otherwise, she would have been crazy.

Nevertheless, she despised John Lee. How dare he was to refuse her daughter! What an excellent girl she was!

"Well, Mrs. Tang, it doesn't help even if you don't admit. Don't you know? There is a world of evidence. It's absolutely clear that you did it. I've called the police. You may go and talk to them about your car. "

Amber Tang was obviously shocked and started to panic. On hearing that the police is going to arrive, she yelled, "What do you want? I never offended you, did I?"

"What do I want? I want to clear my student. Don't you know that?" Linda replied.

"All right. Cancel the punishment if you want! It has nothing to do with me. I'm also a teacher and I want the best for my students." Amber Tang said.

Standing aside, Director Li was enraged.

She was just rushing up and down in v

ly. Besides, John Lee had confessed it.

Unexpectedly, there was a ghost in the machine.

Lilian Li was still inquisitive, "But why did you do that? You're a teacher. You can be strict or even punish students if they make mistakes. But why did you frame a student up for no reason?"

"I didn't frame him up. To be honest, I hated John Lee from the very beginning. He was a terrible student who didn't even listen in the class. Most importantly, my daughter fell in love with him and told him about that. To my anger, he refused her and even tore off her love letter." Amber Tang replied.

Lilian Li was incredulous: "You framed him up just for this?"


"Oh, Amber. How silly you were! How could you do that?"

"I know. I know I'm wrong. I was so furious then. That was my daughter."

After some thought, Amber Tang decided to conceal about the money. After all, Lilian Li was away when they talked about the car.

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