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   Chapter 153 Wrongful Accusation

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Amber Tang was sure that these were the kind of influential she shouldn't offend.

She deemed it better to be in contact with them less, in case of exposure.

Besides, she had gotten what she was promised. She would get out of this soon.

Brian Ho sat down in front of the computer and started his investigation.

The others didn't understand what he was doing, but Amber looked increasingly worried.

She was an IT teacher and a graduate of computer science. She was rather proficient in the computer.

This was how she realized that Brian Ho was a computer expert as soon as he started.

As he worked, Brian observed the look on Amber's face and smiled in interest.

"When did the computer class start?"

John Lee thought about it and replied, "At two in the afternoon that day."

"Yeah, there was a check-in at a porn site at a quarter past two."

Sure enough, somebody had done something on this computer.

Hearing this, John almost burst into tears. He turned to Linda and sobbed, "Miss Xia, it wasn't me. See? I didn't visit any porn site. He just cleared me."

John was too eager to speak up, which Linda could understand. Patting his head, she said, "I know. I brought him here today to prove your innocence. Don't be scared. You'll never need to confess to something you didn't do."

John nodded firmly and replied, "Yes, Miss Xia. I'll do I'm as told."

"Miss Tang, what do you make of this?" Linda gave Amber a penetrating look. She knew she was

came from?"

Amber Tang shook Linda off hard, "Miss Xia, you're going too far. That's my personal property and none of your business. It was a gift from my husband, all right?"

"Your husband? Isn't he also a teacher? Supposing he earns 10, 000 yuan per month, he can afford that car over 22 months without spending any penny. Where did he get the money?"

Amber was speechless, but replied harshly, "How does that concern you? Does my husband's salary have anything to do with you? Does my car have anything to do with you?"

Linda nodded quietly, "Well, it doesn't concern me whether you're rich or not. But it's your mistake to wrongly accuse a student. Where's your morality as a teacher?"

"I told you I didn't wrong him!"

Amber had a plan that day. But who would've thought that Linda knew so much?

She would never admit to having wronged John Lee!

Besides, the porn site?appeared after John Lee had used the computer. It wasn't unusual?to make that connection!

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