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   Chapter 152 Who Were These People

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A shiver run down Bun's spine as a reaction to hearing Brian's voice. It was a good kind, and she had to bite back the urge she had to think about him. She had missed him so much.

Brian had disappeared, and Bun was very worried but she couldn't show it. Many times, she just wanted to scream and cry, and beg to see him, but she had a duty to perform. Her loyalty lay with the Mu clan and even though her heat yearns for Brian, her first and always duty is to serve Linda and Charles.

Bun's thoughts drifted back to the situation at hand and was glad that John's name will be cleared. She felt it was unfair that he should suffer so much.

Bun caught the last few sentences that Linda was saying, directed towards Amber.

"… matter will be resolved soon.

I have a computer technician coming to check the computer John used. This way, comparing with your attendance logs, we will know who accessed those sites and at what time."

Linda glared at Amber, "Mrs. Tang, this is clearly the only logical next step. Would you do us a favor?"

A bright red flush washed over Amber's face. It was no secret that she was trying to dampen her anger. "What can I possibly do for you? Why do you want to check the computer? Do you think I lied to you? How could I? I never accuse my students falsely. I know what I saw and I am standing by it. I caught him red-handed." Amber responded, feigning calmness. But it was clear from the expression on her face and the undertones of annoyance in her voice, that she was irritated.

"Then I think it doesn't matter if we check the computer. The truth shall be revealed soon enough. Was the data deleted?"

"Of course, it was. The computer memory is limited, so we have to delete its database at regular intervals. It's been two weeks since the incident occurred. There is no way the data can be recovered. Besides, John confessed to it. Why am I supposed to keep the data?"

"Oh, I see. Mrs. Tang, we both know that you are not a computer specialist. Data can be retrieved from a computer, even when its deleted, despite the time it was last deleted. Please take us to the computer classroom?"

Amber shifted uncomfortably, as if she was hiding something. Bun noticed this and made a mental note. Something is not right, Bun thought. Amber was unwilling to agree to this request, making up excuses that she had to rush home and prepare dinner for her daughter. She disliked how she was summoned to the office, forcefully, and her time wasted?for something so trivial when she w

k on their faces, saying with a lopsided grin, "Ladies, is there something on my face? Or do you just find me attractive?"

Amber couldn't help nodding at him, which amused Bun a lot. She stepped on his feet.

"Ouch, Bun. Are you jealous?" He asked playfully.

Bun just rolled her eyes and responded, "Well, Young Master Ho. We need your computer prowess to solve an issue." "Yes, Brian. Please could you look through the Web browser's cache for the computer logs and the time stamp of when internet sites, specifically pornographic ones, were accessed. Director Li, could you find out which students used the computer in the class before John's?"

Lilian hesitated for a moment. Wait, why is commanding me around. But then she remembered, that she didn't want trouble with the Mu Clan. "Fine."

Lilian glanced at Amber and walked out of the room, back to her office to retrieve the records.

She felt thoroughly annoyed.

Why didn't Linda ask her to find the documents when they were in her office?

Why did Linda have to ask her when they were already in the computer class room on the fifth floor? Now Lilian had to walk up and down, wasting valuable time.

But Lilian knew she couldn't lose her temper and had to give Linda what she wanted. Brian sat infront of the computer and crossed his legs, saying, "Bun, my shoulder is pretty sore, could you kindly give me a rub?" He teased.

"Young Master Ho!" Bun responded, restraining herself from playfully punching me. It was inappropriate behavior.Amber felt pretty confused when she heard how Bun addressed Brian as Young Master. First it was Linda, with My Lady, and now Brian? Who the hell were these people?

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