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   Chapter 150 Meeting with Angry Parents

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Linda had no other choice, but to agree with Charles. She knew what sort of a man Charles was. He was so stubborn that he stuck to his rules no matter what.

Around eight o'clock, John Lee's parents finally appeared.

Director Li led them to Linda's office.

After walking into the office, the first thing John Lee's father did was to storm towards John Lee and slap him hard on the face. John's father shouted, "How many times have I told you to focus on your study? What did you do? Tried to jump to your death? How dare you!"

The hard slap made one of John's cheeks swollen, but he remained silent with his face lowered.

But his mother intervened: "What are you doing! Why did you strike him? You are always so rude to him! Can't you understand violence never solves our problems? You are the one to blame for what our son did today. You let your job take up all of your time and pay no attention to your son. Can't you see? John tried to jump off the building today. I can't imagine how lonely and desperate he must have felt. What if something should happen to him one day? He's the only son we have. You've never cared for him! Chris Lee, what do you want? A divorce?"

Obviously, Chris Lee was the name of John's father.

John Lee's mother was wearing a business suit from which one could tell she was a career woman. She looked pale and a little bit tired.

"We've been so nice to him, giving him everything he wants. What's his problem? He used to be a well-behaved kid, doing well at school. What turned him into a problem kid?"

Chris Lee shouted, as he seemed to become increasingly angrier. His beard was fluttering. He raised his hand again, to give his son anot

had told her several times not to offend Charles Mu's wife-to-be.

After leaving Director Li's office, Bun went down to Amber Tang's office on the fifth floor. At that time, Amber Tang was packing up, ready to leave.

Amber Tang mistook Bun for the mother of one of her students. But it seemed that Bun was too young to be the mother of a teenager. Amber Tang got confused. She asked, "I am sorry, but you are?"

"Good afternoon, Mrs Tang. I am the new gym teacher. I hate to bother you, but I need your help. Would you kindly go with me?"

Amber Tang pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose and began to frown. She had to go back home and bath her daughter.

"Sorry, I can't come right now. I have to run some errands. Maybe we could talk tomorrow."

Bun pleaded, "This has to be finished today. It won't take long. We really need your help, please."

The polite smile on Amber's face faded and she began to pull a long face. "What's the problem with her? I've already told her I can't go. How can she think she is entitled to ask me to do something for her? Who does she think she is?" Amber Tang thought.

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