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   Chapter 148 John Opens Up

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But John didn't seem to hear her. He kept standing at the door and looking down.

"It's OK. Come here and sit down!" Linda asked again.

John kept standing still. Linda then walked up to John and dragged him to the sofa.

"Take a rest now. Are you hungry? Bonny will bring us some food soon."

John didn't answer. But his stomach was grumbling. He blushed at once out of embarrassment. Linda couldn't help laughing.

Hearing Linda's laughter, John raised his face for the first time towards Linda. He was surprised by her beauty.

She was wearing a piece of pink knitted sweater, a pair of jeans and a pair of white sneakers. With her long hair piled up, Linda looked approachable and cute. John thought Linda was different from other teachers who always seemed to be serious.

"Are you new here?"

Linda was surprised that John was finally willing to talk to her. She nodded, " Yes. I am the new psychology teacher."


John said indifferently. Then he looked down again.

"Can we talk? Just like friends. OK?" Linda said while moving a chair to the sofa and sitting down. She kept a sweet smile throughout.

Seeing Linda's smiling face, John finally put his defences down.

"All right. Ask whatever you want to ask!" Linda had already noticed John's eye bags. Apparently, John Lee was suffering from sleep problems.

"Do you sleep well? Do you always lose sleep or wake up in the midnight?"

John was astonished to hear Linda's questions. He was expecting Linda to ask why he tried to commit suicide or watched porn in class.

"Yes. I don't sleep well. I always wake up in the midnight and can't sleep afterwards." John answered.

"When do you go to bed normally?"

"At around two or three o'clock of

wn at that time. The computer teacher was showing us how to make a power point presentation. But I wasn't listening to her. I opened a game site and that porn video popped up at the screen all of a sudden..."

"And the computer teacher caught you? How did he see your screen?"

"I don't know. Maybe he saw the porn video through CCTV. He came to me and questioned me angrily, "Why are you watching porn." Then he said other humiliating things and pulled my ear..."

Hearing that, Bonny felt angry, "What? He pulled your ear? How could a teacher do that? He has no right to abuse you even if you were really watching porn!"

Linda patted Bonny on her shoulder to calm Bonny down and asked John to continue.

"But I didn't watch that video..."

"Did you explain it to the teacher?"

John nodded, "Yes. But she didn't believe me. She reported this to director Li. Director Li called my parents to school and pushed me to make a confession."

"And you did as she instructed?"


"Why? You didn't do that at all!"

"Because... I don't care at all. Do you think someone doesn't want to live anymore would worry about getting a demerit?"

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