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   Chapter 147 The Aborted Suicide Attempt

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Linda watched the teenager sitting on the balcony of the fifth floor of the teaching building. There were no security guards around. She was afraid that the boy would jump off the building at any time.

"Mr. principal. Have you called the police?" Linda asked.

The principal was overwhelmed with anxiety. Then only he realized that they hadn't informed the police yet.

"Call the police and firemen, now!"

Linda said loudly.

Bonny had run to the back of the teaching building and was thinking about climbing along the balconies to the roof. Linda was worried about Bonny and the student who might jump from the building at any time. So it's necessary to call firemen to unfold a protecting net below.

By that way, the possibility of casualty could be avoided.

The teaching building's outer walls had balconies, iron shelves for air-conditioners, windows and water pipes.

Bonny was going to step on these to climb up to the fifth floor.

It was very dangerous, especially since she had no protective gear.

Bonny had received training to do this kind of climbing when she was in the army. But it was a long time ago.

So she was a little worried.

Bonny rolled up her sleeves, stretched her body and, then, started to climb.

At that time, the crowd gathered in front of the building. So no one noticed Bonny.

Let alone John Lee.

Feeling worried, Linda kept staring at Bonny who was climbing up. Luckily, Bonny was skillful enough. Soon, she set her left foot on the back balcony of the fifth floor and rolled over into the building.

Then she tiptoed to John Lee who was sitting on the front balcony with an A4 paper in his hands, which wa

Maybe I can't feel your pain. But I once experienced something a hundred times worse than yours and I didn't try to suicide." Bonny replied.

Hearing Bonny's words, John Lee raised his head and looked at her. Bonny's new. He hadn't seen Bonny before.

But he was in deep depression. He had no mood to ask who Bonny was or what misfortune did Bonny experience.

They finally reached the first floor. Bonny took John Lee to Linda, "My lady. Lucky me and him."

"Well done. Bonny." Linda said. Then she turned to the principal, "Mr. Principal. I am taking John Lee to my office. Please ask director Li to call his parents to my office."

"OK." The principal said.

Linda looked down at John Lee who kept his head down and said nothing throughout.

"Come with me. Have you had your lunch?" Linda held John Lee's hand and dragged him to her office.

John Lee was a little surprised to hear Linda's caring words. He shook his head.

"Bonny. Buy some food and deliver it to my office."

"Yes, My Lady."

Linda took John Lee to her office. She pointed to the sofa and said, "Don't worry. Have a seat."

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