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   Chapter 146 Self-criticism and Suicide Attempt

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Suddenly it occurred to Linda that Robert Huo could be the new chemistry teacher, or he wouldn't be there.

The flag-raising ceremony was going on. The students stood there with their chests and heads high.

Lilian went to the platform and announced seriously, "One last thing today."

"John Lee, class 2, grade 3, violated the school's discipline and will make a self-criticism today."

Self-criticism? Linda frowned a little, wondering what this boy had done and why he needed to make a self-criticism in front of the whole school.

Linda could see one tall, slim boy in school uniform with a pair of glasses stand in the crowd far away from her. He was holding a sheet of paper.

"John, come here!" Lilian looked at the boy with a disgusted look and then went down the platform.

John staggered to the platform, held the microphone and took out his self-criticism paper. Although he didn't look at the audience, they began to gossip.

"Hello everyone, I'm John. In the computer class last Wednesday, I couldn't control myself and browsed porn websites. I even refused to admit my mistake after the teacher caught me. Now I really know I was wrong..."

Linda sighed and shook her head. In her opinion, it was normal for teenage boys to feel attraction towards females. Even if John browsed porn websites, it was no big deal.

Of course, he had g

"I don't know either. I have to go up to see." With a look at John, Bun also started to worry. After all, it was a matter of life and death. She didn't want to see him die on the first day of her work.

The principal and Lilian also heard the news and hurriedly came over.

"Send some men to the top and pull him down."

"We tried but failed, principal. He locked the door of the fire fighting access, so we couldn't get there."

The principal felt helpless. The fire fighting access was the only way to the top of the building.

Bun took a look at the building and said, "My lady, maybe I can give a try. I can climb up the wall to the top and sneak in. There are shelves of air-conditioners and windowsills every floor and it's not difficult for me to do this."

Linda refused, "No. It's too dangerous." She really wanted to save this boy but she didn't want to let Bun take the risk either.

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