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   Chapter 145 A Surprise Visitor at School

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Linda and Bun reached the school. It was their first day in the school. They saw the principal and Lilian waiting at the school gate for someone.

"Is there any VIP coming over today?" Linda and Bun wondered.

Linda greeted them pleasantly, "Good morning, principal, Mrs. Li."

"Good morning, Miss Xia, Miss Lu."

They quickly went inside as they were not interested to know who the principal and Lilian were waiting for.

"Miss Xia, please wait a moment."

"What's the matter?"

Linda asked.

"Well, Miss Xia, we're going to hold a flag-raising ceremony this morning. I'd like to introduce you to the whole school."

"That's fine."

Linda nodded. She thought an introduction would make the whole school know them and help them blend in the new environment.

"Then, please have a look at this introduction."

The principal gave Linda a paper and Linda frowned after reading it.

"I don't think you need to mention that I'm Charles's fiancée and Bonny is a colonel, since it has nothing to do with our work. Just tell them we are two ordinary teachers."

"We'd like to go to our office if there's nothing else."

Linda said to the principal with a polite smile before


After tidying up her desk, Linda heard some music outside.

It was the music of the flag-raising ceremony. Linda and Bun were not class teachers, so they didn't have to attend. But Linda wanted to see it. She went down the building with Bun.

The students formed ranks in good order on the playground and Linda couldn't help recalling her school time.

While she was lost in her memories, a man came over. She was surprised to see him there. It was Robert.

Why was he here? Although Linda was surprised, she just nodded and smiled to him without saying anything, because the ceremony was about to begin.

Robert was the master of Huo clan.

What was he doing here? However, she could only hold back her curiosity.

Bun saw Robert too and also wondered why he was there.

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