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   Chapter 144 Baby Matters

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Linda felt a little uncomfortable. With an awkward smile, she said, "Well... Maybe we can talk about this later."

"We can't wait any longer. I brought Charles to the world when I was only 23! You..."

Fortunately, Charles interrupted Violet before she could finish. Wrapping an arm around Linda's shoulders, Charles said, "Mother, isn't it time to eat? Let's have dinner."

"You only care about your wife, and not about your mother. I don't want to talk to you." Huffing angrily, Violet left to wash her hands and prepare for dinner.

"Violet is quite a woman. She didn't mean to offend you. Don't mind her, Linda." James stood up, patting Linda's shoulder with a reassuring smile.

"It doesn't matter, father."

At the Dinner Table.

Since Charles and Linda had joined them for dinner, the family had prepared a sumptuous feast. More than a dozen dishes were prepared on the table.

Linda began to worry when she heard the chefs were still cooking in the kitchen. "How can four people eat so much?"

Meanwhile, James opened a bottle of wine.

Linda seldom drank, But she heard that wine was good for women's health. After half a glass, her face turned a little red and she started feeling lightheaded. Charles steadied her when she wobbled in her seat.

Violet frowned at this, "Linda, you have to drink more in the future. If you go to banquets with Charles, what will you do if you get invited to drink?"

"I know, mother." Linda felt a little annoyed, but she didn't dare talk back and stick her tongue out.

"Mother, don't push her so hard. It doesn't matter that she can't hold her alcohol. Who would dare

d his mother's request to stay with them, and led Linda went back to the villa of Mu Clan.

On their first day back, Linda received news of getting accepted at Z High School as a Psychology teacher.

Bun escorted Linda to the school. Since the crane incident last time, Charles didn't want to risk his wife's safety.

The Mu Clan controlled the lifeblood of politics and economy in SH City, so they had a lot of enemies.

However, Linda thought having Bun at school was too strange and she didn't want to attract any attention.

While Linda?was at a loss, Paul went to the school and heard that a female P.E. teacher was pregnant. As a colonel, it was beneath Bun to become a teacher, but she applied for the position.

This way, Linda and Bun were able to go to school together without any fuss.

They reported on Sunday. With Paul's help, they were arranged in the same office, and Bun could keep an eye on Linda.

All the regular teachers and students didn't know who Linda and Bun were.

All they knew was that there were two new beautiful teachers at Z High School.

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