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   Chapter 143 Little Games of Romance

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They were not even married. Where did this baby talk come from?

"You wish!"

"Well, well. Let's just go home!"

Charles Mu nodded. He kissed Linda gently on her cheek and let her go reluctantly. Then he took her hand and steered her out of the station.

Paul hopped into the driver's seat while Linda and Charles Mu got into the backseat. Linda had woken up early that morning. She was a little tired.

She leaned against Charles Mu and closed her eyes.

When the car stopped at a stoplight, Paul saw them in the rearview mirror cuddling together. The picture was so warm and lovely.

Paul took a deep sigh. Young Master and Lady Linda were surely made for each other.

Linda didn't actually fall asleep but she was only relaxing with her eyes closed. She could hear Paul's sigh clearly. She opened her eyes and asked curiously, "What's wrong, Paul?"

Paul simply shook his head, "Nothing. It's just that you two make a really lovely couple."

"Have you ever felt lonely?"

Paul stopped for a moment and then nodded. He was a few years older than Charles Mu, but he still hadn't had a girlfriend yet.

"Actually, if you feel lonely..."

Paul's heart started to pound fast. He thought his chest might explode. He felt overwhelmingly afraid that Linda would soon mention Bun.

But to his surprise, a gentle smile bloomed on Linda's face and she joked, "If you ever feel lonely, I suggest you become a pair of chopsticks in next life. Then you'll always have company."

"My Lady, please don't make jokes about me."

"I'm n

nt, "What are you talking about? Linda, weren't you kidnapped? And you haven't recovered from that, right? You are not looking very well. That's why your mother wants to have you stayed here and nursed."

With a hint of tease in the corner of his lips, Charles Mu tightened his hand on Linda's, "Honey, what have you been thinking?"

Linda felt both shy and embarrassed. She then secretly held his hand tighter and dug her nails into his palm. Charles Mu's face slightly twitched.

Linda then let go of his hand proudly.

Damn! How dare he play with her!

"Since you've mentioned it, Linda, it's about time that you took care of yourself and delivered a child for our Mu clan."

Linda suddenly realized that she just shot herself on the foot. She was sure that Charles Mu must have done it on purpose.

"Well, I'm not ready..."

"Ready for what? You don't have to do anything. All you have to do is lying down. And don't worry, we don't have a preference on that matter. We shall adore both boys and girls equally."

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