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   Chapter 142 Confession of the Driver

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Linda told Charles Mu that she wanted to see the driver. She thought she might draw something useful out of him.

Charles Mu didn't want to get Linda involved in this mess. But Linda was so determined that Charles Mu had no choice but to agree.

They went to the police station and saw the driver who drove the truck towards Linda.

Before entering the interrogation room, Linda asked Charles Mu to wait outside. She said she needed twenty minutes alone with the driver.

The driver was sitting on the chair with his eyes fixed on the ground. He cast a calm look at Linda when he heard her steps and then lowered his head again.

"Mr. Wayne Zhang, right?"

Hum?" Wayne Zhang whispered. His eyes were still fixed on the ground.

"Do you know who I am?"

Wayne Zhang knew why Linda was there. He had already pleaded guilty, but no one could make him admit that he did it deliberately, not even Linda. However, Linda did surprise him by asking a completely irrelevant question.

"Yes... I don't...", Wayne Zhang bumbled.

Linda was firm, "Do you know me or not?"

"Yes, I do." He said.

Linda put up a smile, "Well, you do. Now tell me how do you know me?"

"What's the fuss about it? My car lost control and hit yours, of course, I know who you are." Wayne Zhang glanced at Linda and then lowered his eyes again. His voice sounded rather restless, "I've already said I'll be responsible for the accident. Why so many questions? I don't get the point."

"You are lying! I was sitting in the backseat, how could you possibly see me?" Linda suddenly struck on the table. The sound made Wayne Zhang jump to his feet.

"I am not! I didn't mean to hit you! It was all because of brake failure!" explained Wayne Zhang as he stared into Linda's eyes as if he was saying nothing but the truth.

But what he didn't know is that it was the typical expression of lying. Linda sneered and said, "Wayne Zhang, do you still need that ¥ 200, 000 for your daughter's surgery?"

Wayne Zhang was stunned... He looked up at Linda in terror, "What do you want?"

"What do I want? I'm more

ted. Wayne Zhang was no longer useful to her.

It seemed that he was never in direct contact with Sarah Shen.

Before Linda left the room, Wayne Zhang hesitated and reminded Linda of her promise of providing his daughter with all the medical attention she needed.

Linda gave him her word. She knew every child should be cherished.

Charles Mu came up to her the instant she walked out of the interrogation room, "Well?"

"He confessed. It was not an accident. But he didn't even know who gave him the money..."

Charles Mu's eyebrows were slightly raised in surprise, and then he gently held up Linda's chin, "He confessed? Well done! My wife can interrogate criminal suspects now. Tell me how did you make it?"

Linda rolled her eyes at Charles Mu and smiled, "I am just being reasonable with him, and he was touched by my sincerity!"

"Haha, it's true. Told you I have a way with people."

Charles Mu stroke Linda's head dotingly and said, "Well, that's enough for today. Paul will take over the rest. Let's go back home for dinner tonight. Father and mother are expecting us!"

"Why on such short notice?"

"Not sure. Probably they are just desperately longing for a grandchild." "What?"

"Do you want me to repeat it? They probably want to talk to us about making them a grandchild!" Charles Mu whispered in Linda's ear again on purpose, which made Linda feel so embarrassed.

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