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   Chapter 141 The Role of Amy Qi

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"Way to go..."

Linda was impressed by the depth of WSS's investigation.

"Well, she hid it very well, I agree. But we did find the key to crack it."

"This classmate of Sarah Shen's, how's her family generally?" asked Linda thoughtfully with a frown on her face.

Paul stopped for a second. He didn't understand why Linda brought it up: "Just normal and ordinary. Sarah Shen lived with her grandmother when she was a kid. She went to an ordinary elementary school rather than to an expensive private one."

Linda said, "Since she was born in an ordinary family... I suppose she was in it for the money, and her neighbour probably did it for the same reason too."

Paul agreed, "You got a point there, My Lady. However, there might be some problem. On my investigation, it turns out that Sarah Shen hadn't talked to this classmate for years. So it's quite impossible for us to trace it back to her."

Linda let out a smile, "Sarah Shen must have done it on purpose. She was too smart to trust someone familiar with this matter because it would be easy for us to get to her. She's trying to make us believe that she had nothing to do with it. However, she gave herself away by visiting Brian Ho at the hospital."

Bun agreed with a nod, "Right, how did she know that Master Brian was injured? It doesn't make sense. We reported the accident only to the police and Young Master immediately blocked the information. So how did she find out?"

The more they analysed, the more furious Linda became about the vicious Sarah Shen. Sarah Shen had arranged the whol

are just being unreasonable now."

"I'm not stopping you from taking a bath. Get up by all means if you want to."

"You asshole..."

Unfortunately, Linda's sweet voice didn't make it sound anything like a threat to Charles Mu. On the contrary, it was quite an invitation to him.

The light was rather dim in the surgery room.

"How's it going?" asked Adam Huo while staring at the person lying on the operating table with bandage covering all over the body.

"Don't worry. Everything goes perfectly well. I can assure you that you'll see the result within two weeks!"

"Can you also assure that they will be exactly identical?"

"Take my word. We're one of the best in this industry. You can trust us with it."

Adam Huo then nodded with satisfaction.

Even though lying on the operating table and in coma, the person began to twitch unconsciously because the effect of the injection had subsided. A cruel smile broke on Adam Huo's lips. There was a glint of ghoulish relish oozing from his narrowed eyes.

"Give it to her."

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