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   Chapter 139 Love Vs Obligation

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Brian was astonished, "Traitor? What are you talking about? Bun is an orphan."

"Haven't you ever asked Charles how Bun became an orphan? What happened to her parents, specifically her father? And why the Mu clan adopted her?" Lord Ho's anger began to dissipate upon seeing the confusion in Brian's eyes.

"Grandpa, please make it clear." Brian's anger dissipated as well and his voice took on a serious tone. He looked worried.

"Dick Lu, Bun's father, was the Vice Admiral of the National Navy. He gave away the top secret of National Navy to a nearby enemy country for his personal interest resulting in our Navy suffering great losses in that war. Dick Lu was secretly executed soon after the war." Lord Ho explained, hoping that this news would deter his grandson from seeing the girl.

"Ok. Even if Dick Lu is Bun's father. His betrayal has nothing to do with her!"

Brain was not convinced and Lord Ho's ploy didn't work. "Are you going to marry a woman who comes from a lineage that disgraced their clan! No, I won't allow it. Our family name will not be tarnished because you some foolish notion of love. Now that you are home now, you are not allowed to go out anymore. I forbid you to see that woman again. No grandson of mine will be associated with a traitor, even if it's their child." Lord Ho said, in a matter-of-factly sort of way.

"Grandpa!" Brian's face dropped.

"No more nonsense. Mr. Zhang, please take Young Master to his bedroom and lock the door. He is not allowed to step out his bedroom until the engagement ceremony."

"Grandpa, you can't do this!" Brain was annoyed. He was an adult and the honorable Major General. He couldn't believe his Grandfather was going to lock him up and force him to marry a woman he didn't love.

"Don't try to run away. Even if you enlist your friend Charles Mu to help you, I will make sure that he is dealt with. Don't defy me Brian, or you'll regret it."

Lord Ho's words were final. Brain clenched his fists and a bright flush of anger washed across his face This was not happening to him. He had to s

rd, Dick Lu was a rare talent who was promoted to Vice Admiral from a common soldier within ten years. He was quite famous and admired at that time. But unfortunately, he died young, just before his fortieth birthday. According to the National Navy, he died due to illness. Over the past decades, almost no one had ever mentioned him.

"Dick Lu is your father? Oh wow.

They say that he died of illness when he was still young. That's quite a pity. I admire your father..."

"...Actually, he didn't die because of an illness. He was executed secretly by our country..." Bun interrupted Linda.

Hearing Bun's words, Linda was astonished. She didn't expect to hear that the famous hero Dick Lu was executed. But she didn't express her astonishment.

"My mother died when I was very young. My father took me to the force to look after me, so I grew up on the force. When I was eight years old, my father told me he was going to take part in an important war. If he won, a lot of nearby islands would belong to our country. He was quite confident about winning that war..." Bun could not hold it in any longer, she began to cry. Tears streamed down her face as she remembered her childhood with her father in it. Linda reached out and tried to console her. "That's admirable! Your father was executed because he won the war?" Linda asked, still not sure why Dick Lu was a traitor.

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