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   Chapter 137 Crazy as a Bat

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Linda started at Charles's words, noticing that he was watching her with a lopsided grin. "I thought you were asleep."

"I wasn't."

"Why are your eyes closed?"

"I'm just trying to relax, "

Charles replied, slipping his arm around Linda's waist and pecking her on her lips.

"How was your interview?"

"I'm sure it went well since they all know I'm your fiancé, " Linda said.

"Come on, you're brilliant. I'm sure you won them over by yourself."

Charles pulled back and moved to start the car. He asked, "Do you want to go to the hospital or go back home?"

"Hospital. I need to check on Brian."

"Darling, you worry too much about him. I'm getting jealous now, "

Charles pouted. Linda found it amusing to see him acting like a spoiled child.

"If not for Brian, I would be the one lying in the hospital. How could I not be concerned for him?"

The Lamborghini was driven off from Z High School with a roar.

Charles pulled over in front of the hospital to drop Linda off. "I'm not going in. There are two remaining important meetings to finish. Give my regards to Brian."

"Alright." Linda nodded in response and got out of car.

Charles was about to start a meeting when he heard something had happened to Linda. Immediately postponing the meeting until he got back, he rushed to check on his fiancé.

Afterwards, he drove Linda to her interview. This all took a lot of time, and there was little time left for the meeting.

When Linda arrived at the hospital, she saw Dr. Anna Xu walking out of Brian's room. Anna walked up to her and greeted her with a smile. "My Lady."?

"Hi, Anna. How's Brian? Is there anything wrong with him?"

e looked at Brian and said, "Open your mouth."

After being lead into the hospital by security, Sarah Shen felt excited at the thought of meeting Brian.

When she heard that Brian got injured, she got very worried.

"Miss Shen, go along this hall and turn left. It will be the second room you see."

"Thank you."

Sarah hurried towards the room and seeing the door was open, she entered. "Brian, are you alright? You..."

Sarah was shocked by the scene that greeted her and fixed her eyes on them.

Bun was holding a cup to Brian's lips.

"What are you doing!"

Bun turned around and saw it was Sarah Shen. She immediately understood why Linda asked her to indulge Brian.

Sarah lost her temper and moved to drag Bun away from Brian, but Bun swung around and evaded her attack.

"Sarah, what are you doing! Keep your hands away from her. You look as crazy as a bat." Seeing Sarah's reaction, Brian frowned.

"Brian! I'm not crazy. How could you say that!" Sarah said, feeling upset.

Linda said lightly, "Lady Shen, may I suggest a way to help you remember you are indeed as crazy as a bat?"

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