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   Chapter 136 Interview

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"What? Didn't we just put up the job posting for teachers a few days ago? Who took the opening?"

The principal was sweating in panic. He was worried that his sister-in-law had offered the job to someone close to her.

Lilian whispered to the principal that Robert Huo interviewed for the chemistry teacher yesterday afternoon.

"Robert Huo? You mean Young Master Huo of the Huo Clan?"


The principal was now sweating profusely. He couldn't afford to displease both the Mu and Huo Clans.

The other half of the grants and scholarships of the Z High School had been provided by the Huo Clan "Unfortunately, Young Master... We've already got a candidate for the chemistry teacher position..."

Charles Mu frowned slightly.

"Let's go, darling."

"Hold on, please." said Linda, turning from Charles to the staff.

"Besides the chemistry teacher, I heard that there was an opening for a Psychology teacher. Is that right?"

At Linda's words, the principal froze and turned to Director Li for confirmation.

"Yes, that's correct." Lilian responded with a nod.

"I majored in Psychology in university. Can I interview for the Psychology teacher position instead?"

"Of course!"

The principal answered before Lilian could speak. The way the principal catered to them to win their favor?made?t

u, " Linda said lightly.

After a few more questions, Linda was told that the staff would inform her of the interview results over the?phone. The interview ended, and Linda left.

Now that they knew she's the fiancé of Charles Mu, Linda was certain she passed.

Linda didn't want to depend on her relationship with Charles to convince people she was suitable. She was determined to impress them by her own knowledge and ability.

Now that the interview was over, she needed to go to the hospital.

Linda approached their car and found Charles asleep as she opened the door.

She opened it quietly so as not to disturb him, and got in the car. Linda sat there, staring at her fiancé. Thinking how tired Charles had been these days made her heart ache.

Linda didn't wake him and studied Charles with interest.

"Darling, are you done already? My neck is getting sore."

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