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   Chapter 134 A Close Call

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Linda turned to Brian in concern. "Are you alright, Brian? You don't look well."

"I'm fine, thanks." Brian shook his head in reassurance, but he was turning pale, and a cold sweat had broken out on his forehead.

Linda immediately called up the police for assistance before updating Charles, who rushed over with Paul after learning about the accident.

The police was already at the crash site when Charles arrived, and the truck driver responsible for the accident had been arrested.

The driver was unnaturally calm. He was willing to take full responsibility, and didn't try to run away.

Linda had a bad feeling about the whole thing. It didn't seem like an accident; the accelerating truck was heading straight for their car when it happened.

She pulled Charles aside and voiced her thoughts. "I don't think it was a simple accident. The truck was aiming for the passenger seat. If Brian wasn't with us, that's where I would've been."

"Yes, that was too close for comfort." Charles nodded in agreement and took Linda's hand. He gave her a careful look to check if she was hurt in any way. A lot of people had started to gather, making Linda feel self-conscious. She let go of Charles's hand and hissed, "What are you doing? There are a lot of people here."

Seeing Linda was fine, Charles smiled in response. "Paul already assigned some men to look into this. They'll get an update in half an hour."

"Let's bring Brian to the hospital first. His back seems badly hurt." Linda glanced at Brian, whose face was drained of all color. After being helped out of the car, he was now lying on the ground. Bun sat beside him to look after him.

Linda felt guilty. Brian only got hurt because of her.

Charles shot him an unconcerned look. "Don't worry about him. He'll live."

Hearing this, Brian exclaimed in protest, "How could you say that? Don't you realize how serious this is? This is the second time I've been badly hurt in the past two weeks!"

"Well, you deserve it."

"Fuck you! I saved your woma

off. "Nothing serious. I've just failed my interview. I should've been there at 2 o'clock, but it's already 2:30 p.m. They wouldn't believe that I was in car accident, and assumed I was just making up excuses for being late."

Now that she thought about it, Linda found it ridiculous that the woman had such an active imagination.

Charles didn't reply. He couldn't be with his wife during the accident earlier, but he could solve this for her easily. Using his Bluetooth headset to make a phone call, he gave instructions as soon as the call went through. "Paul, call the principal of Z Middle School and tell him to have the interviewer wait at the school gate. If the interviewer isn't there when we arrive, I'll have the school shut down!" Charles asked when noticing her bad mood.

Linda smiled, "Nothing serious. I've just failed an interview. I should have been there in 2:00 p.m., but it's 2:30 now. They don't believe I had an car accident and thought I was telling lies and making excuses for being late."

Thinking of this, Linda thought the woman was ridiculous for her imagination was quite rich.

Charles didn't say anything. Instead, he made a phone call with the Bluetooth headset, "Paul, call the principal of Z middle school and ask him to let the interviewer wait at the school gate. Otherwise, I will pull down his school!"

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