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   Chapter 133 The Hit and Run Affair

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They might be late for the interview. They had to hurry now.

"Brian, I'm going to be late for your sake." Linda said.

"Does it have to do anything with me?" Brian was confused.

He had been here for just 10 minutes. How could a mere 10 minutes affect her schedule?

"I was about to go. My interview is at 2 PM. But your arrival disrupted my plan. So, I'm going to be late... What if you screw it up?" Linda teased him. Obviously, she wanted him to be blamed.

"Oh, Jesus. How could you blame me for that? Well, how about this? Let me drive the car. I promise to take you there before 2 PM."

Brian was confident in his driving skills. He believed he could get there in 20 minutes, no matter the traffic.

"Okay, that's a deal. If you fail to do so, you are forbidden from meeting Bun." Linda agreed.

Brian rushed to the underground garage. He was worrying that Bun would not be quick enough. What if he couldn't make it? He didn't want to lose Bun, whom he wanted to marry.

Brian came in and saw Bun sitting on the driving seat.

He hurriedly snatched the key from Bun's hand and said: "Bun, move to the passenger seat. I'll drive."

"Why? Master Brian?" Bun got confused. Even if Brian was coming with them, she should be driving the car.

"No special reason. Move to the passenger seat. Isn't your Young Lady in a hurry? She said she must get there before 2 PM! We're getting late."

Bun didn't move. Brian picked her up and tried to put her on the passenger seat. Bun struggled to release his grasp, thumping his shoulder in the p

had hit them at that speed, they would have been knocked out of the car.

Fortunately, they hit the isolation belt. Linda at the backseat clenched to the seat in front of her. But the impact made her feel like vomiting. Luckily she didn't get hurt.

Bun's head almost hit the window. Brian grabbed her reflexively and put her head on his chest. The sudden impact threw Brian into the driver-side window, which got smashed in the process.

Bun thought she would be hit on the head. Never had she thought that Brian would come to her rescue. Resting her head on his body, she felt the gentle vibes of his warm and aromatic chest.

She looked up and found that Brian sheltered her from the impact.

Bun was touched. She was about to thank him when he said painfully, "Bunny... You don't have to thank me... Just express your gratitude by marrying me."

Instantly, her gratitude went away and a sense of anger rose. She punched him on his chest. Brian cried out in pain, "Fuck, Bunny. You're going to murder your own husband!" !"

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