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   Chapter 132 The Conspiracy Plot Thickens

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Tears welled up in Lisa's eyes.

But she did not scream. She was afraid her scream would make Adam angrier and she would suffer more.

"Well, that's much prettier. Don't you think so?" Adam asked.

"Yes, master!" Lisa Xia clenched her teeth with great pain. But Adam seemed to be pitiless.

Lisa could never ever forget the sharp pain.

"You look like a little fox now. How about nicknaming you little fox?" Adam asked.

Lisa Xia thought about it for a while. She was not happy with the nickname. But showing her unhappiness was meaningless. She didn't have the courage to defy Adam. She knew that defiance would only lead to more torture – both physically and mentally.

"You are the boss", she muttered.

Though she used to be arrogant, she was not an idiot. She knew that Adam was not actually asking for her approval.

Any mistake? would incur more suffering.

"Good girl." said Adam Huo, casting a satisfactory glance at her. Recent training has readied her for masochism. It's time he started to act on it.

Robert Huo was not in any haste, slowly enjoying his delicacy. He waited until when Lisa could not stand the agony anymore and then ordered.

"Get down from the table."

"Thank you, master."

Lisa Xia climbed down the table in relief, but she did not relax. She sat still on her knees tamely beside Adam Huo.

"Since you behaved well recently, I would like to send you to Charles. How would you like to stay around him?" said Adam Huo, touching Lisa Xia's face.

"Stay around Master Mu? He terribly hates me..." Lisa looked awkward and said hesitantly.

"So what?" retorted Adam.

"Master, are you saying that...", Lisa stammered.

Adam Huo laughed gently in a pleasant voice, which horrified Lisa. "The one he hates is Lisa Xia, not

ored at home. So she wants to be a chemistry teacher in senior high school."

Brian Ho was rendered speechless for a while. "Linda, You are living a purposeful life..."

Linda smiled and didn't explain it. She has been dreaming of becoming a chemistry teacher since her college days. Even though she was married to Charles, she still wanted to live the life she had been dreaming about.

She never wanted to step into the war of wealthy clans. What she wanted was just a simple family life, with a good job and happy children.

She had never attacked others unless she was offended.

Bun went to the underground garage to get the car. Linda looked at Brian who was standing still, and asked, "What? Are you coming with us?"

Brian Ho rubbed his head embarrassingly. "You read my mind. Won't you refuse my small request, will you?"

"As you wish."

Linda didn't care about them. What she wanted was to reach H senior high school in time.

She looked at the watch. It's 1:35 PM. H senior high school was about 6 miles away, that is, normally about a 20-minute drive. But traffic jam was frequent in cosmopolitan SH. Therefore, the journey would take at least 30 minutes.

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