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   Chapter 131 A Sharp Pain

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Consumed with thoughts about what had just happened, Robert retrieved his cellphone from his pocket and called his secretary.

One ring later, his secretary's voice was on the other end "Any orders, Mr. Huo?"

"Prepare a CV for me. As soon as possible." Clear and concise, he had no time to waste. He cut the call and placed his cellphone back in his pocket, and continued driving.

When Robert entered the house and changed his shoes, Adam was sitting in front of the TV, watching news. Robert sighed with resignation "Adam has become a couch potato recently. His attention fixated on the news for hours on end." He murmured to himself.

Robert understood his pain, but he couldn't do anything to help Adam.

His eye was damaged due to high concentration sulfuric acid and the doctors said he would not recover. At that time, he almost lost his life.

Hearing the door open, Adam looked up and a smile formed on his face. "Robert, you're back." Even his bad eye showed his tenderness.

"Yes." Robert nodded, reciprocating the smile.

"Why have you come back home so early? Weren't you supposed to have lunch with her?"

"Forget it." Robert's expression changed drastically. Why did he have to bring her up? He thought to himself, taking off his coat and approaching the sofa where Adam had sat.

Sitting beside him, he responded, "Her fiancé took her away right after we had ordered." His voice dripped with sadness.

A flash of evilness flashed across Adam's eyes, oblivious to Robert's tone. "Then I'll tie her back and send her to you as a birthday gift."

Although Robert was moved that Adam remembered his birthday was in a couple of days, he was amused by his words. Turning to look at Adam, he responded, "What are you thinking about, huh?"

"I want to help you get the girl."

Adam raised his head, looking at Robert innocently. Their eyes met for a brief second before Robert broke off the

ucting company affairs. Therefore, he had to?handle?some important tasks before he could leave for teaching.

Inside the dim room, the candlelight was flickering and a beam of sunlight filtered through the gap in the thick curtain.

A good show was coming...

Lisa, with a fox-ear-like hair accessory, looked beautiful under the dim light.

Adam was sitting on a chair beside her and smiled gently. "You're good. It's been one hour."

Though Lisa was more than exhausted, with both of her legs trembling, she dared not show her impatience. She couldn't. Instead, she replied to him enchantedly, "It's my pleasure, master."

She knew the only way to avoid suffering was to please him completely. She believed she would escape and she swore to denounce him when she made it! A trace of coldness flashed in Adam's eyes when she thought of her resolution. It was as if he could read her mind.

Wanted to escape? Wanted to kill him?

"I feel that there is something missing. Something that will enhance your beauty."

Said Adam, moving closer to her and pinching her chin. "Do it as you please, master."

"Well? Is that so?" Adam smiled and let go of her chin. Then he took out an awl, with a foxtail hanging on one end.Lisa Xia's heart sank and she began to panic.

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