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   Chapter 130 The Battle for Her Love

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Charles Mu couldn't help but laugh when he heard the weird rumbling sound that was coming from his soon-to-be-wife's stomach.

A bright pink flush spread across Linda's?face as she clutched her stomach. She wasn't amused at the fact that Charles found humuor in her embarrassment.

"Shoot, stop laughing! It's because of you that I missed my lunch!" replied Linda sourly.

She felt a little bit irritated.

Charles Mu turned around and reached out to pick up a bag that was on the backseat.

"I brought you something to eat."

"Did you? Aww, how sweet of you. What is it?" Charles opened the bag, and the smell of roasted meat wafted in the air. Linda couldn't resist and her stomach grumbled in agreement.

"Here, have some. Or do you want me to spoon-feed it to you?" Charles asked, feigning annoyance. He knew she was hungry and wanted to tease her a little.

Linda pulled out three lunch boxes from the bag. The first box contained roasted chicken, the second, pea and ham soup, and the last one, some rice.

Linda felt starved looking at the display of tasty dishes before her. She asked, "Where did you get them? Did you buy them from somewhere?"

"I cooked them myself, "

Said Charles. Linda looked at him in surprise, wondering whether he was telling the truth. The look on his face revealed that he was but she had her doubts. But wasn't Charles at work today morning? And surely he must have been busy discussing projects and attending meetings? How could he have time to cook the dishes?

Linda thought it was too good to be true.

"I don't buy it. Where did you get them?" She asked. " Our company had our team building exercises for this season scheduled for today morning and everyone was required to take one of their favorite dishes.

One guy brought some roasted chicken, so I asked him to teach me how to cook it." Charles replied, sensing the accusatory undertones in Linda's voice.

"So, it's your first attempt at cooking? People seldom have any success on their first trial. I bet these dishes are not tasty."

Even as she said it, Linda felt very happy because Charles had cooked for her.

Linda had a smile on her face when Charles looked to her. "Dig in. Its all yours." He said, watching as sh

e would have had an advantage over because he's from an affluent background, from the Huo clan, one of the most powerful clans. He could have been able to steal her away and make her his once again.

But it turned out that the guy was Charles Mu. Charles was the number one threat that Robert hadn't considered.

Robert shook his head and walked to his car. As he turned onto the main freeway towards home, his unwillingness to give up Linda grew stronger

Why did he let Charles Mu take Linda away from him?

Plus, it was Charles Mu's fault that his brother couldn't lead a normal life and had to stay at home all day.

Robert wanted another shot at winning Linda's love.

He didn't believe Charles Mu really loved her. Charles was too proud to love anyone other than himself. Robert recalled that, when they were teenagers, Amy Qi give a love letter to Charles Mu and he tore it up, without even looking at it. He was heartless then, and behaviour like that get worse with age not better. Robert tried to console himself.

But how will he get a chance to meet Linda again and win her heart?

After the incident at the restaurant, Charles would not let Linda out of his sight, especially with the history between him and Robert.

But he had to find a way in.

Suddenly, an idea occured to him.

Linda had told him that she was interested in teaching chemistry at a school. His problem could be settled by getting a job at the school, and he could spend time with her everyday.

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