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   Chapter 129 Love Heals All Wounds

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Charles Mu picked Linda up and walked toward the car, carrying her on his shoulders.


Linda was writhing in pain. The bruises all over her body would hurt even if they were just touched. Now as Charles was carrying her, she felt pressure on the bruises and the resultant pain.

"Charles Mu, what are you doing? Let go of me!" Linda yelled as she felt miffed by his behavior.

Charles Mu didn't answer and put Linda on the passenger seat. Then he closed the door and sat on the driving seat.

As his foot jammed against the accelerator, the Bugatti Veyron leapt forward, with its engine roaring.

Linda hadn't buckled her seat belt. She nearly lost her balance and hit the windshield.

Linda tried to fasten the seat belt hurriedly. But the car was going too fast, which made Linda feel dizzy.

"Charles Mu, did you lose your mind? Why are you driving so fast?"

There were some schools in that neighborhood. So the traffic was light, but there were many students on the road. Linda was feeling worried that driving so fast could disrupt the traffic and the car might crash into some students.

No matter what Linda said to Charles, he remained silent, which annoyed Linda further.

"You bastard, say something or I am going to jump out of the car."

Charles Mu glanced at her and said lightly: "Then have a try. I bet you can't even open the door."

Hearing this, Linda felt embarrassed, realizing she had made a fool of herself. The door couldn't be opened since Charles locked it.

Linda lifted her eyebrows and retorted, "Well, the door is locked, but the window is not!"

Said Linda, as she rolled down the window and stuck her head out.

Seeing what Linda was doing, Charles slammed on the brake and pulled

el and rubbed his temple with the other, saying, "Darling, you really don't know why?"

Linda glanced sideways at him and asked, "Why?"

"... Actually, I was mad at you because I saw you going out with another man. If you were me, wouldn't you have the same feeling?"

Linda thought for a while and said: "I think I would."

"That's it."

Linda's eyes became moist with tears. She asked, "but you were so rude to me just now."

Charles Mu was at a loss for words. It seemed that he was responsible for the bickering. "..."

"I just felt you don't love me, you know." Now her eyes were full of tears.

"Darling, it's all my fault..." Now Charles Mu understood the old saying, there is always an hierarchy in the world, and it looked like he was right under Linda.

In the past, he had always been too proud to apologize. After he met Linda, he was always responsible for the bickering between them.

"Fine, apology accepted." After saying that, Linda sniffed and couldn't stop smiling through tears.

There was a weird sound in the car, breaking the silence. It turned out that Linda's stomach was rumbling. She missed lunch and now was feeling hungry.

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