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   Chapter 128 The Roses of Love and the Thorns of Jealousy

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Stuck by the aggressive tone of the questions, Robert Huo turned around to find out who was asking them.

Even though Robert's mind was in turmoil, he did manage to keep his usual mild smile.

The man asking the questions was Charles Mu, whom he was very familiar with.

"Long time no see, Young Master Mu."

Charles Mu ignored Robert and walked up to Linda: "You haven't fully recovered yet. Why didn't you tell me that you were going out? I could have offered you a ride."

Even though Charles ignored him, Robert Huo didn't get upset, because he knew Charles well enough and could understand that Charles didn't mean to offend him. Robert said: "It turns out Linda is your fiancée."

Charles said: "Young Master Huo, I heard you went to study abroad. So you've come back now?"

"Not so long ago."

"Young Master Huo?"

Charles's words confused Linda. She said, "Robert, you..."

Standing next to Charles, Paul started to explain: "My Lady, this is the eldest grandson of the Huo clan."

Linda had known Robert for a long time, but he'd never talked anything about his family. She had guessed from his good manners that he must be from a refined family background, but she could never imagine that he belongs to the Huo clan.

Robert Huo was indeed from the rich and powerful Huo clan.

Charles Mu had a strange expression on his face when he caught a glimpse of the roses on the seat next to Linda. Linda followed his eyes and saw the roses. She was taken aback when she realized that Charles Mu would misunderstand her relationship with Robert.

"Well, those roses are not for me, " Linda said quickly. She was afraid that Charles Mu would feel jealous of Robert.

Charles won't take any explanation when he's angry.

Bun sensed from Charles's long face that there's something wrong and ran over to them. Linda gave her a quizzical look, and Bun shook her head in response. Linda told Bun not to tell Charles anything and she was sure Bun would never disobey her.


t Huo.

"... "Linda, if I could be of any help, just let me know. Leave him and I can give you all you want."

On hearing this, Linda was speechless and wanted to roll her eyes upward. What the hell is Robert thinking about? "Robert, it's not what it looks like..."

Said Linda as she turned around to leave.

At the gate of the restaurant, Linda saw Charles standing across the street with his back to her and shouted in a low voice, "Charles Mu, Robert and I are just friends."

Charles Mu still maintained the long face, but he felt slightly better on hearing this.

"Get in the car."

Charles Mu walked over to his Bugatti Veyron and opened the door. He looked at Linda impatiently.

"Why the long face?"

"Get in the car."

"Why not?"

"I don't want to say it again."

Linda was stubborn. She would yield to a soft approach, but not to force. She's had enough of Charles's rude behavior: "Why get in the car? I am starved and I am going back to the restaurant and have lunch."

Charles Mu shouted back: "You are not allowed!"

"I don't need your permission. I can do whatever I please!"

Said Linda as she started to walk back to the restaurant.

Charles Mu lost his temper altogether and ran towards Linda. As she was walking toward the restaurant, Linda felt as if someone was lifting her upward.

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