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   Chapter 127 Linda Got Caught

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Linda didn't keep this from Bun and let her stay with her for the whole day. With Bun following her, she has no reason to be afraid.

There was really nothing between her and Robert Huo. It would be absurd to think that they could be a couple. They hadn't seen each other for a long time, and they are just catching up with each other?like normal friends.

When she arrived, she could see Robert from a distance. He was standing beside the door, leaning on the wall, his hands behind his back.

It seems like he is pondering on something.

Linda ordered Bun to pull over. Then she got out of the car and Bun proceeded to the parking lot.

Bun's job was to secretly protect Linda. After she parked the car, she found a table near Linda and Robert and sat down. As long as Linda stayed within her sight, she doesn't need to get close to them.

Linda slowly approached Robert, who had already sensed her presence. A note of surprise was written on his handsome face.

But what he was about to do would scare Linda.

Looking as charming as ever, he took out a bouquet of roses from behind his back.

"We send roses to the people we like, or the people we love". Linda thought to herself, obviously surprised at the sweet gesture.

But Linda was embarrassed by the sight of the rose. "Robert, I'm engaged."

Robert's smile remained. He stared at Linda calmly and said, "I know you're engaged. I saw these roses in the flower shop. They are so beautiful. I just want to take a photo of you and the roses."

Linda remembered that photography was a real passion of Robert when they were in college. Besides getting excellent grades, he loved taking photos. The photos he took were fabulous.

Robert had taken some photos of Linda at the library. They were side views of her face when she was reading books. The pictures were so gorgeous.

"All right. Haha!. I guess we can do that. Aren't we supposed to have lunch?" Linda thought at first that maybe Robert wanted to send her the roses.

happened? Are you OK? I can refer you to some good hospitals."

Robert remembered Linda seemed fine the day they last met. How would she be hospitalized in such a short time?

Her face was pale. So she may not have fully recovered yet.

While drinking a bottle of juice, Linda wanted to say something. To her surprise, she choked and started coughing. Without hesitation, Robert stood and quickly approached her. He raised his hand and tried to pat her on the back. "Linda, are you OK?"

"OK...... I'm fine....." She just choked on the juice. Nothing serious. She moved herself away from Robert. She didn't want any intimate contact with a man other than Charles, even though her fiancé is not here.

With his hand still raised, Robert felt embarrassed. He put down his hand and pretended to smile. "That's fine. You choked just because of a juice? You are so stupid.", Robert teased him and laughed.

Linda was going to say something, yet a familiar voice said, "What's it to you?"

The words shocked Linda. She felt guilty, as if she was caught having an affair with another man.

She turned her head, and saw the man who was walking towards them. His face were handsome, but rather infuriated

... He seemed very angry…

Oh, no. Did Bun tell him? Linda turned to look at Bun, who was still sitting in a distance.

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