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   Chapter 126 A Meeting with A Male Senior

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The night was just starting its long song. However, for Linda, it was a fleeting one.

Right after she laid her head on her pillow, the next thing she knew, it was morning already.

Linda gently rubbed her eyes as the sunlight shone into the room and cast a warm tinge on the quilt. The sunlight slanted through the window and was warm and comfortable as it touched her skin.

She stretched her arms and unconsciously reached for Charles, who was not there anymore.

She felt that she has been more dependent on him after the abduction. From that moment on, she wanted him by her side each and every time.

She could not risk the thought of losing him. It was so close.

She remembered the time when she was hung by the crane, dangling in the blowing, chilling wind.

She had a little acrophobia. Such high places made her extremely uncomfortable to the point of fear. But it was Charles who gave her the courage to overcome these fears. As she endured the chilling winds, she could see his face every time she closed her eyes. It was as if he was waving to her and encouraging her!

She knew that if she died right there, Charles would be completely devastated.

She can't bear imagining how broken he will be, so she tried her best to survive.

She said in a soft voice, "Bun."

Bun entered the room and gladly replied, "My Lady, you're awake. Go downstairs and eat something. Your food has already been prepared. It's already ten o'clock now!"

Linda realized she had slept over twelve hours.

"Twelve hours? I overslept again? Who am I, a pig? ", she thought.

In dismay, she scratched her hair, and immediately ran into the washroom to brush her teeth and wash her face.

She did not forget about the meeting with Robert Huo. They were supposed to have lunch today.

And she was really hungry. That's mostly what woke her up.

"My Lady, your body has not fully recovered. Please know that it's normal to sleep a lot. By the way, lunch is ready. They had

ed her head. Her eyes, and her smile were intoxicating, like a gorgeous goddess. If Bun was not a girl, she would definitely fall in love with her.

After Linda finished grooming herself, she put on her clothes and was ready to go.

Bun has gone to the garage to fetch the car. A few minutes later, a modest black Volkswagen pulled over in front of the villa of the Mu clan.

"My Lady, who is this we are going to meet today?" Bun asked while she was busy driving.

"A senior when I was still in college. It has been a long time since we last met."

"Is he the guy we met the other day?"

Bun remembered the day when Linda went back to her Alma Mater to fetch her books. They came across a guy called Robert.

"Yes. That's him."

"Ha!. My Lady! You're going to meet a 'male' senior. Master Charles must be jealous if he knows about it."

Linda's lips twitched, "He's just one of my friends. Keep it a secret from Master Charles. I have promised that guy that I will have lunch with him. I can't take back my words. Just some casual talk over lunch. All you need to do is to sit beside me."

Linda has been going back and forth on whether she should tell Charles. But a lunch was not that big a deal. If he didn't ask, there was no need to tell him. A man as bossy as Charles would definitely get jealous.

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