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   Chapter 125 Lily’s Apology

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Lily stood at the door of Linda's ward for a while. She wasn't sure if she should enter. She was worried that Linda wouldn't forgive her.

But what else could she do?

"Go on, Lady Linda is waiting for you." Paul said to Lily.


Hesitantly, Lily nodded. She took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

Inside the room, a sweet voice called out, "Come in."

Lily entered the ward.

Upon seeing Linda's condition, she was consumed with immense guilt. Tears started streaming down her cheeks. Linda cast a glance at her, but she didn't say anything to console her.

After the incident, Linda held no love for Lily. She almost died because of her. Some mistakes didn't deserve forgiveness.

Why would she forgive her now?

But Lily's crying softened her heart. "Lily, don't cry. I'm not scolding you. Why are you crying?"

Lily knelt down by Linda's bed, and burst into another round of tears. She whimpered, "I'm really sorry, Linda! I didn't mean to lie to you."

"Alright." Linda said stiffly.

"I didn't know things would turn out that way." She was shocked when she saw the image?of Linda hanging by a crane over the river in the news.

She was still frightened at the thought of it.

"What now?" Despite what Lily said, Linda seemed apathetic. Lily felt even more upset.

"Linda, can you forgive me?" Lily felt lost hearing Linda's cold tone.

She should have thought twice before acting the way she did.

Linda smiled grimly. "Why should I forgive you?"


"Lily, there are mistakes you can't turn back from once you've made them." Linda sighed. Her heart softened at the sight of Lily's distressed face.

Lily nodde

"I'll send you the time and address tomorrow."

After?their conversation, Robert went back to the conference room to resume the meeting. Linda pulled out the SIM card in the phone and returned it to Lily.

After telling Bun to get her a new phone, she installed the SIM card in the new one.

They next day, she received a message from Robert. The rendezvous was at a cafe near the back gate of their Alma Mater.

Linda was elated.?They could visit their Alma Mater after dinner.

Two days later, Charles personally arrived at the hospital to take her home. Anna prescribed her many traditional Chinese medicine and urged Bun to boil them for her. Linda was amused.

She imagined turning into a medicine jar from drinking so much traditional Chinese medicine.

That night in bed, Charles contented himself?with holding her in his arms tightly.

Linda wasn't up for any amorous activity yet. Her body was still recovering and the bruises haven't faded away. Charles curbed his desire by taking a long and cold shower.

Cocooned in Charles' arms, Linda felt so secure that she slept soundly that night.

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