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   Chapter 124 Just a Pet

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"I know I did. But killing isn't the best way to torture her."

Said Adam, touching her pretty face. Looking down at her skimpy cat-girl outfit, he suddenly felt a surge of sexual desire.

He was reluctant to let her go.

But he had to send her to Charles very soon. It's a pity, he had invested a lot of effort into training her.

"Then what will you do, Master?" asked Lisa curiously.

Lisa still despised Linda, so she wanted to know about the whole plan.

To her surprise, Adam got a dark look in his eyes and shoved her to the ground. He walked over to slap her.

The stinging slap left a handprint on her face. She felt horrified. She lay on the ground and stayed still, begging Adam for mercy. "I'm so sorry, Master! I was wrong! Please forgive me!"

Over the past few days, Lisa has grown accustomed to his shifting moods. When he was in a good mood, he treated her as a beloved pet, never spoiling her enough. But when he was like this, he would hit and kick her. The abuses were frequent. At times, he would drug her and refused to relieve her from the pain when the drug took effect. Sometimes, it hurt so badly that she wished she were dead.

Though she was frightened no less than before, she didn't shed a tear this time. From the bottom of her heart, she knew that no one would come to her rescue.

Her mother was the person who loved her the most in this world. But now, she had gone to jail because of Linda. To get her mother out, she could only turn to Adam for help.


m about her plans.

"Excuse me. Could I meet my sister Linda?"

"No, our boss ordered us to keep you in the room."

"Please intervene for me. I have something important to tell her. Someone called her just now. I promise I won't hurt her. You can even go with me!"

The guard hesitated and said, "Wait a moment. Let me ask for instructions."

"Thank you very much!"

The guard went to find Paul. Paul was still in the hospital, so he asked for Linda's thoughts.

Initially, Linda didn't want to see her at all. But Paul told her that Lily had called Charles for help that day on the docks.

Then she got second thoughts. Maybe Lily wasn't that evil. What if she was just scared? She could have fallen in the trap that Vincent Zhou set for Derek Xie's sake. She wondered if Lily had an ulterior motive.

She sent Paul to pick Lily up. Even if she was plotting something, Paul would take care of her quickly and protect Linda from harm.

Paul then drove Lily Xie to Mu's private hospital.

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