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   Chapter 123 It’s a Pity She Survived

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Upon hearing this, Bun paused her hand and trembled nervously. "What are you talking about, Master! Please knock it off!"

"I mean it. Girls need to be romanced. I've been actively pursuing you lately, but he never said a word."

Bun lowered her head in resignation. He had a point.

"Our correspondent reports that the Young Lady of Mu Group was believed to be kidnapped early yesterday morning..."

Robert Huo abruptly turned off the TV.

His brother, Adam was watching the news channel. Surprised, Adam asked, "What's wrong, Robert?"

"Too much TV is bad for your eyes." Robert said with a smile.

Adam had been watching TV since early morning, and only left the couch to eat lunch and use the toilet.

He was already blind in one eye, so he needed to take care of the other. What if he also lost sight in his other eye?

He could end up having a nervous breakdown.

The other reason that Robert turned off the TV was because of the news on the Mu Clan.

"Fine. But aren't you curious about the woman? The report wasn't done yet."

Robert paused. "Adam..."

"It's fine, Robert. Talking about the Mu Clan isn't taboo for us. Didn't we used to play with Charles Mu? It would be natural for us to know how he's doing lately." Adam smiled earnestly at him. His wide-eyed look invited pity and affection.

Robert was touched. "You're a good kid. I'm glad you think so."

"By the way, how's the girl you like? Are you in touch with her?"

Robert shook his head and said, "No. She said she's already engaged... I'm a bit sad, but she agreed to have a dinner with me after I finish the job in the company."

He had already taken over three subsidiaries of Huo Group since his return. His father wanted to groom him.

ed to a dark room.

Inside, Lisa Xia was lying on the couch and watching TV.

Adam sat beside her, crossing his legs. He patted Lisa's head gently with one hand.

Lisa sat up on her knees, and stared fixedly at the news.

"Yesterday afternoon, Linda Xia, the fiancé of Charles Mu, CEO of Mu Group, was kidnapped and held in the wharf in the northern part of the city. The kidnapper apparently hanged her over the river by the hook of a crane. After several hours of negotiation, Charles Mu was eventually able to rescue his fiancé. According to witnesses, Linda Xia almost lost her life... What an exciting turn of events!" added the reporter at the end.

"Are you happy?" Adam looked at Lisa. Her pretty face was lit up in excitement.

"I am, but it's a pity she survived!" Lisa said through gritted teeth.

"She has to stay alive..."

Lisa's expression changed at his words. "Why?"

"You don't need to know."

Lisa instantly got nervous. She held her legs tightly and asked quickly, "Master, you promised to help me with my revenge if I learn the postures in the video. Are you still willing to help me? I've been studying so hard lately."

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